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  1. Hi MEB, Thank you for your quick response. Guess for now, I'll just have to keep clicking the titles of every question that sounded like may help me learning something, without knowing if it's for AP or AD :( ... But on the bright side, maybe that could help me improve my patience... ^_^
  2. Hi, Support Team, Currently, I'm just using AP (at the moment :) ). I like to browse this Q&A forum to see if I can learn something from other users' questions and the answers they got, and indeed I've learned quite a bit ^_^ . But quite often, by just reading the titles of the many questions asked, it's difficult to know which ones are for AP and which ones for AD. Is it possible there could be two different forums for AP questions and AD questions? Thank you.
  3. Hi, I want to thank each and all of you for your help and suggestions. I'm still working on refining the reflection area... and learning how to walk with AP first before learning how to run with it. :P Thanks again and best wishes to you all. :)
  4. Whoa, you're an angel Madame! :D Of course I don't mind (and why should I), you're welcome to play with my picture however you like ^_^ and I'm looking forward to seeing your final touch. Cheers!
  5. Hi p_mac, Thank you for the link and your suggestion! I'm going to work on it then report back. :)
  6. Hello Madame :) Thank you for your suggestion. But the thing is, no matter which blending mode I choose, the painted area just couldn't shine (same with using a lighting layer). :(
  7. Hi Callum, Thank you for responding and trying to help me. AP has so many wonderful features that makes me feeling like a child just walking into a toy store. :lol: Attached is the photo I’m working on. I want to add the moon to it but can’t figure out how to add the moonlight reflection in the water… BTW, I already recommended AP to a friend and he was blown away by your intro video (which I like too :)). Now he can hardly wait for the release of your Windows version.
  8. Hi, I have a newbie question :unsure: I want to make the moonlight reflection on a lake, but couldn’t find the way to do it… After watching several tutorials, I tried to use the Live Lighting Layer, but it seems no matter which blending mode I chose, the lighting area just won’t shine. Any help please?
  9. Hi, I'm a new user/comer here. :) When I first opened the A-Photo, I downloaded the "Dreamer" simple for learning but couldn't find where it was saved... it wasn't in Download folder and searching it didn't get any result. Any help please? Thanks.