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  1. Nope. I did the same with same app version, and it doesn't show up. I will create a new sample one and replace it with the preset file renamed just to see if that works.
  2. I replace my presets, and they don't show up, I create a test preset to see if I was in the correct folder and the new presets show up with the ones I add but the ones I added doesn't show up in the app. Any advice? Too many setups to do that one by one again.
  3. Sometimes I select 10 EPS files and hope that when I click on 'open in Affinity Designer' I get a window with all the EPS in the same document as artboards. Is that possible? Is there a keyboard shortcut for that?
  4. Anyway, forget about the extras. Just let us save in editable text and let us figure it out the other issues. Seriously, just by letting us save editable PSD you are helping thousands of users. Just add a pop up saying “the effects and styles can’t be saved in editable mode” and I will be happy. I just need my clients can change text!
  5. Maybe Adobe is supporting Serif economically with the promise of not be able to compete? I mean, after Affinity Suite Apps Adobe implemented all updates that are directly copies of Affinity and really bad implemented. Coincidence?
  6. Ok, if that is true… then explain why Pixelmator and Pixelmator Pro, Acorn from Flyingmeat and others can export editable PSD files? Since day one they has been able to let you open and save Adobe files without any issue.
  7. Well, now I update the code. Just saving the file will get me the PSD editable!! Thanks
  8. Well, now I update the code. Just saving the file will get me the PSD editable!! Thanks
  9. Export your Affinity Photo file as a Print Ready PDF and go to Photopea.com and drop your file there, then just export the file as a PSD file and it will be editable. If you have Automator app or Keyboard maestro app you will be able to create a one click option for your files. In my case I created a folder with Automator that every file that I save there it will do all the process automatically. Hope that helps.
  10. What I meant was exporting all icons individually at a size of 500px x 500px each. This is what I did. 1. I create a square with the size for export, lock it and send it to the back of the page. 2. Inside export persona I used the squares to create the slices one by one in the same page. 3. save the Affinity designer doc as a template so the slices are also part of the doc. So now I can copy paste all icons and all of them will fit the pixel size space I create to export them. it was a very tedious work and took a long time to achieve. I think they need to fix the export Persona and let us copy paste the slices selection so we can do more and faster. Idk something like let us select all items and tweak the size of the slice and stuff like that. Anyway I delivered the icons and client is happy. Thanks a lot you help me to achieved this faster than I thought.
  11. @Old Bruce do you know how to select multiple items in export persona? I'm trying to select the 500 x 500 area but it seems I can't have it with transparency. The PNG have a white background.
  12. Friends, I'm using Affinity Designer 1.10.4 on a Mac Mini running Big Sur 11.6 and a client send me lots of icons to fix line width and size. When I open the file, I have 3 art boards full of icons. I'm trying to do the easy parts first and then go to the complex ones. In my mind set, all icons at a same height and width is a matter of selecting all and apply the correct size, right? I mean you can do that practically on any design app out there (Inkscape, Acorn, Vectornator, Pixelmator, Illustrator and many others) How can I do this in Designer?? I tried all the things that come to my mind with no success at all. Do I need to create a macro? Using a third party app like Keyboard Maestro? Any help or solution will be greatly appreciated to it.
  13. I use a Mac Mini M1 with Big Sur 11.6 and the latest version of Affinity Suite (Designer, Photo, and Publisher 1.10.4) With that being said, sometimes my fingers touch other keys when I'm designing like for example, I'm holding alt and shift to drag a symbol and duplicated keeping it in the same range and measurement right? Then I click without looking at the keyboard any key and then the whole window with all my art boards start moving in different ratio as if I wanted to rotate my area of work. In other cases I click on other key by mistake and suddenly all curves are raster! And I didn't know what I did!! Is these commands are a bug? Or I'm hitting some cool commands by mistake? Your help will be appreciated it!
  14. I know if they are ready to launch 2.0 all of us are ready to put out the money to upgrade. Affinity suite has been the software that bring again that excitement that Adobe used to bring back in the old days!
  15. That may be true in a 50/50 way. Photopea, pixelmator and others can export in editable PSD texts. So it’s not that Serif can’t do it. I think Affinity’s tools are still in version 1 for a reason. Adobe has been copying all of the amazing work that Serif has been doing and maybe that’s why Serif is holding on that feature. Affinity Suite is the only suite that is turning Adobe fans into quitting their Adobe-addiction and move to Affinity. Maybe they don’t want a legal battle with Adobe or they are flirting with Adobe to sell the engines and upgrade Adobe to other standards. The thing is they can do this in one night of code and it’s not happening because they don’t want it. Maybe they want to have a “one more thing” to version 2.0
  16. I ask because (if you watch the video attached) it doesn’t let me have all the slices individually. If I do that the export persona treats each slice as an independent file. I need all of them same size. Again, I managed to do that manually but I was expecting do a bulk in one click.
  17. But you need to name each color individually right? Or all of them name themselves automatically at output?
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