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  1. Thanks everyone for all your helpful advice I'm a convert to Intaglio's Vectoriser tool... It works great for me on my pen & ink sketches Vector Magic looks awesome too... but yes a bit expensive for now!
  2. Ok so now I'm getting frustrated... though I had it sorted yesterday Image Vectorizer app gives a nice result for me... but when i export it (svg, pdf or eps) and drag the exported file onto my affinity designer project I can't see the vectors... ie no nodes or handles to modify... Im a newbie to Affinity Designer so it might be that I'm not getting it... when i click on the layer with the 'vectorised' drawing from Image Vectoriser, convert to curves is greyed out... so its not that... any ideas please Then I tried just copy and paste the vector from Image Vectoriser into Affinity Designer and this time I could 'convert to curves' and 'expand stroke' but still can't see the nodes to edit What am i doing wrong please? How do I get the vectorised result from Image Vectorizer into Affinity Designer and see handles/nodes to edit? AFTER FURTHER INVESTIGATION... I realised that i need to select the imported file from Image Vectorizer and click on Edit Document which brings the image up in a new window where I can see the nodes/handles and can edit it! A little confusing as when I tried Intaglio Vectorise and copy/pasted the vector output into affinity designer, I could see the vector with nodes/handles to edit without having to click on edit document! Thanks
  3. UPDATE Just bought Image Vectorizer for £4.99 on the app store and that has given a very nice result... with transparent background Perfect for black and white line drawings which is what I mainly need it for Not so great for multicoloured... I think this is where Super Vectorizer 2 would come into its own though
  4. I downloaded the free trial of super vectoriser 2 and it works nicely - thank you I would like to achieve a black and white vector with no white background... Using the Line tool does this... however it creates each pen stroke as an outline with no fill -see screenshot Mode 1 & 2 produce a good result - ie solid black pen strokes - but with a white background - see screenshot Can I get a visual result like Mode 1 or 2 but with a transparent background? How?
  5. Coming from Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer, I'm rather shocked to discover that you can't convert hand drawn sketches to vectors without drawing over them with the pen tool. My sketches are too detailed for this so I'm looking for the best tool to convert hand drawn sketches to outlines/vectors for editing in Affinity Designer on a Mac running Mojave. I've seen mentioned the following... Inkscape, Super Vectorizer2, Vector Magic and Image Vectorizer - there are probably others... can anybody recommend one based on experience converting fairly detailed pen & ink sketches to vectors on a desktop Mac and then importing into Affinity Designer for further editing. Thanks Debbie
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