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  1. That’s how I work out my logos, it’s the only way to work with shapes. I can record 10 videos like that and it won’t change the fact that with something similar or better than the shape builder tool in Designer will make your workflow faster and productive. I don’t want Adobe illustrator, or Designer to behave like Adobe Illustrator. I want a tool unique, similar or / and better than Shape Builder in Designer.
  2. I know I’m asking for something out of the ordinary to the version 1 software. Affinity Designer is so impressive that in it’s initial state already surpassed the 90% of Adobe Illustrator. I use both and lately I’m using AI just to tweak and export. The way Affinity manage to ease productivity is by far top of the notch. I can’t imagine version 2. I bet Adobe is watching from the distance. I’m ready to put my money on all apps for the next version. I know they worth it!
  3. I was watching a video of a designer making a logo with Adobe Illustrator and I was in my mind re-doing everything the designer did on AD and I was so happy that basically I could do everything this guy was doing until he start using the SHAPE BUILDER TOOL. Do we have a tool like that in Designer? Something similar? I went to my computer and try to replicate what he was doing by using the combining tools but even tho you can get closer to having the same end result, the shape builder is amazing! Snapping and unsnapping pieces and deleting shapes you don’t need without messing the final design is out of this world. I wonder if any of you can point me to a tool similar on Affinity Designer. I’ll be reading ya’ll. Shape Building tool.
  4. AD wasn’t running on any of them. The setup is the same. The only change was taking out an old Mac Mini and install a new one. Everything else is exactly the same. It simply doesn’t work. Moving a file does not work. It supposed to but it doesn’t.
  5. Old Mac: /Users/studiok/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner/Data/Library/Application Support/presets New Mac: /Users/akdesigns/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner/Data/Library/Application Support/presets When I move the file from the old Mac to the New Mac, the app doesn't recognize it.
  6. UPDATE! Photopea has updated the resources! Now you can just drop the Affinity Photo file DIRECTLY! Drag and drop your file and that's it! CleanShot 2022-03-31 at 15.10.44.mp4
  7. OK, The video might be confusing. Forget the video. Here is what I did: 1. I opened the Presets folder for Designer in my new computer. 2. I put there the Preset file from my old computer. 3. I opened Designer in my new computer and the Preset didn't show up. 4. I reset the Studio Setup, Restart the computer and launch the Designer app 5. The Preset is not showing up. 6. I verified if the file is there, and it was. 7. I create a new preset with the Designer app. 8. I restart the computer, launch the app and the only preset showing up is the one created within the app. 9. I open the Preset folder and see that the new preset file is there and also the one I drop there from my old computer. 10. Both are in the Preset folder, just one is showing up. Affinity Designer is not showing up the file I manually placed inside the Preset folder. Hope you can understand now.
  8. The files are there. Yes, I move old files to the trash. The ones I'm using, they still there.
  9. It didn't work. It just shows the one I created with the app. The one I add to the folder is not showing up.
  10. @walt.farrellNo Walt, I am able to put the new files but as you can see in the video the app doesn't show the file. It's still showing the old file in the app.
  11. Yes. Here's a video. The Mac that was recorded is the new one. I'm using the file from the old one. That's what I want to do, be able to use the file from the old Mac. Same app version. The only difference is The old Mac is running Big Sur and the new one is running Monterey. Preset_issue_case.mp4
  12. @3joern Your advice on cleaning the Font Cache solved the problem! I'm still trying to figure it out why or what relationship one thing have with the other, but for some reason everything is working fine! After the restart I recorded a short video and you can see how great it works! Update_PDF_issue.mp4
  13. The problem still persists. This is how I managed to solved it just to be able to deliver this project to the client. I went to File > Print and in the printer settings window instead of print it I choose Save as PDF. The file was saved in perfect condition and editable. I opened the file in Affinity Designer and was able to make the changes the client needed and saved it as PDF again with no problem. I need to point out that Affinity Publisher is the only of the trio I bought outside Apple App Store. Maybe that’s why I don’t have that problem with Photo or Designer. I use RightFont to manage my fonts. Highly recommended for Affinity users. I was able to fixed my fonts (+76k of them) and haven’t tried Publisher again yet. I will update with a copy of the file for you later today.
  14. I posted this mistakenly on a Windows forum, I have a Mac.
  15. Hi, I just want to save my brand book design into a PDF, every time I export my Affinity Publisher document the PDF exported is unusable. Please tell me that I bought a good Publisher app that export to PDF flawlessly, I mean, this is not an Open source or free app. CleanShot 2022-03-24 at 14.37.15 1.mp4
  16. @walt.farrell I recently move to another Mac, I wanted to move my view presets from the old Mac to the new one. I create a test preset to see where they are stored and when I find my view presets I duplicate them and put them in the same folder on the new Mac where the test view preset was, and they don't show up in the app, the only one showing up is the one I create as a test. Any solution will be appreciated.
  17. Nope. I did the same with same app version, and it doesn't show up. I will create a new sample one and replace it with the preset file renamed just to see if that works.
  18. I replace my presets, and they don't show up, I create a test preset to see if I was in the correct folder and the new presets show up with the ones I add but the ones I added doesn't show up in the app. Any advice? Too many setups to do that one by one again.
  19. Sometimes I select 10 EPS files and hope that when I click on 'open in Affinity Designer' I get a window with all the EPS in the same document as artboards. Is that possible? Is there a keyboard shortcut for that?
  20. Anyway, forget about the extras. Just let us save in editable text and let us figure it out the other issues. Seriously, just by letting us save editable PSD you are helping thousands of users. Just add a pop up saying “the effects and styles can’t be saved in editable mode” and I will be happy. I just need my clients can change text!
  21. Maybe Adobe is supporting Serif economically with the promise of not be able to compete? I mean, after Affinity Suite Apps Adobe implemented all updates that are directly copies of Affinity and really bad implemented. Coincidence?
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