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  1. Exactly. I give up trying to explain here. Artboards are needed as a default feature on all apps.
  2. Download Vectornator App (is a free app) see if the same vector make the app crash too. Is that happen then your vector is the problem. First you need to solve that problem with some tools already included in Affinity Designer. Let me know how it goes and I will help you with your Vector.
  3. In short answer it can't be done as easy as one click. The good news is that you can use the new tools of Version 2 to achieve this effect. like in the video: drop-move_final.mp4
  4. I upgraded my monitors to a curved ultra-wide one so no I can't tell if that will still happen or not. I don't have any issues with this large monitor now. Thanks for asking.
  5. I found this in the settings, but it seems to not be working well. Is this the only way?
  6. I need to have all elements in the Affinity Publisher document. I share projects on different servers and locations and when one of the team opens a project and a window says" files are missing" the whole day is a mess. Is there a way to avoid this? Creating a project that stores all elements together will work better for us. Is there a way or a setting for it please share. Please don't explain why the file link is better or why it's designed that way. I understand this is not a flaw or a bad implementation. I just need to know how to manually create a document that doesn't use file links. Thanks for understanding.
  7. You can do that with one click on Pixelmator Pro. That's basically the newest feature now. I always have Pixelmator on the side for specific needs. One click background remover, editable PSD exports and video photo FX. Basically you can save a lot of time with those one click features.
  8. It’s happening to me too. I re-installed the old versions to see if it was a problem with Ventura OS (newest macOS) or it was the Affinity apps. I use Tech tool Pro for verifying the health of the drive and inspected the resources of the version 2 apps as well. Here’s an interesting found… Turning off all internet connections on my machine and basically blocking it from the web makes the apps work better after a soft system reboot. That means only the essentials without the internet were working in order to version 2 start behaving better. The problem was still there, but it was lightly better with this environment. Version 1 was outstanding with the same conditions. With and without internet Version 1 was fast, useful and productive. So, this is my theory. I am a developer too so, I think this new version (I didn't open this app with Xcode or any other program analyzer yet) is using a large amount of code from a server to help some of the tool executions inside the app shell. For example, in one of my latest developed apps a color picker app is using a server connection to create gradient progress of the selected colors and show the user a code for the preferred language to export as a color picker. It's a simple and small app, but it uses an online server to run. I’m not saying this is happening here but, Little Snitch (an app to track behind the scenes' internet actions) is showing a constant connection. If that’s true… Affinity needs to update the servers to a faster one or use a sandbox layout to bring half of the code within the app. In other words, that’s why Adobe is a cloud server overall that uses their apps as content shells now. Everything is running on servers. So, maybe the solution will be to create a super large app to run flawlessly, or to clean up the code and give them a better answer. Anyway… it’s driving me crazy the way it has been responding V2 lately. Hope this gets resolved soon.
  9. It’s annoying man. I’m an Affinity apps user since their debut. I bought the Universal license without thinking because I want to support them and keep using their software. The things I am dealing with Version 2 aren’t not even main issues. Are small issues like beach ball from hell and crashing that is between me and productivity. They need to fix this ASAP. I’m even thinking to installing Version 1 again until these issues get fixed.
  10. This is happening lately. I wanted to record it to document it here because it's not been addressed before, and I think is going to get worse in time. In Version 1 I never had this problem and now every time I want to copy and paste I need to wait for the app to think before doing it. Like something is going behind the scenes before pasting. Here is a video: Albertkinng-01-11-2023.mp4
  11. So? In which way do you think your comment helped people with the same app issues? Just wondering.
  12. Yes, but my workaround works better for me in this specific situation. Either way this is annoying and Affinity needs to fix this bug ASAP.
  13. Thanks for your well-explained and accurate answer. I've been enjoying working everything in Affinity Publisher lately and when I realized the export persona wasn't available I freaked out. Now I know that for some clients I will just use the app with most of the features needed. Have a great day.
  14. This issue is happening so often that I decided to record the crash knowing when it's going to happen. I work on a document in Affinity Designer and when saved I want to use the Export Persona and when I'm ready to export my files It crashes. I need to close the document and open it again to be able to use the export persona. What I was doing to avoid this is finish the document and close it and open it again so I can export the files. This is an issue that needs to be fixed. AKCS_screenshot_01.mp4
  15. It seems with V2 the Affinity Publisher app doesn't include the export persona when you choose the Designer workspace? Is there a way to get the same export persona options inside Publisher, or is it not in the plans?
  16. Basically is a mask that you can just throw on top of an image, and it will create an illusion of a divider without cutting the image. 001 - 1609930330844151810.mp4
  17. Video is not for you. It's ok. No. You're wrong. He was very straightforward. I appreciate his help and the video he recorded. He found a way to achieve this need even though the app can't let you do it by default. Again, he is a genius. You should worry more on helping instead of defending Affinity blindly.
  18. I don't think you understand what we're talking about here. I'm not even in disagreement with you. Just clarifying the way a developer thinks when designing a tool. It's OK if you can't visualize the point in question. It's not a requirement. Have fun!
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