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  1. No, that doesn't work. I tried that many times. Understand is specific elements between the pages that need to be exported, Publisher doesn't let me choose elements in Export Persona, but thanks for the suggestion. I would provide one of my projects, but my client didn't give me permission.
  2. I didn't know. I'm sorry for that mistake, I don't understand why you point that out now after all this mess. Well done.
  3. This is one of my daily tasks: 1. Client have 30 magazines created in INDD re-designed and converted in Affinity Publisher, With all file elements linked and well formatted. 2. Client send me the Affinity Publisher files to make arrangements and fixes to the Publisher docs and also wants specific pages and elements exported in different formats for his marketing art department. 3. Because I don't have other options as saving the document in Designer, so the pages can be Artboards and I can select what I need and start using Export Persona to save all the elements as different formats as client needs, I do it manually. 4. I open Designer and start creating Artboards and pasting the pages from Publisher one by one, so I can start selecting the elements with Export Persona to deliver the files. Believe me, I've tried just using Publisher, and it can't be done. The files are already made in Publisher, so "Start as Designer blah blah" as other mentioned is not an option. I can't use Export Persona either inside Publisher as I do in Designer because I don't have the same options either. This is not about opening any file with any apps because it's the same format, because when I open a Publisher file provided in Designer the pictures are not linked and some files are blurry or pixelated and if I save the document by mistake the next time I will be selecting the linked items one by one. Your workaround is good for a small project and personal tasks, but it seems none of you work on 20+ Publisher documents at the same time with a deadline. It's ok if there's no workaround, I already managed to deliver my projects. Please stop repeating the same explanations over and over. I already understand about the Affinity files and the artboards inside Publisher, seriously I get it already.
  4. Simple if it's a personal project but is not when you have documents from client that need elements inside of magazine in different formats and because you can save it/export it/whatever form to have the pages available on artboards, so Export Persona will make your life easier! It can't be done. That's the point! Understand, I've been doing this for a long time the hard way. That's why I started this thread saying IF this feature were available, it's a dream come true for me. Either you don't understand or you just want to create a solution to other need instead of the one I'm presenting to you. I've tried to tell you or moderator to close this thread because we are going to keep going in circles without a solution! There's no solution because it can't be done!
  5. What you guys think the issue is: User doesn’t know how to create art boards in Publisher that also can be opened on Designer and Photo. Real issue: User want to design a Magazine in Publisher and save it as a Designer document where all pages become art boards. I hope this time I explained this correctly.
  6. Guys, is ok if you don’t get it. It’s fine. Really. I can go again trying to explain and it will be hard because it’s about how I use Publisher and how I deliver to clients. In my mind is easy to explain but when I write it down it hard to understand too. I don’t need more explanations, really. The formats are the same, the artboards can be done in Designer persona, I get it and I also knew it since the beginning of the conversation. I feel bad now because you are trying to explain something that I already know just because it not easy to comprehend. That’s why I think this topic is no longer important. I hope the moderator can close this thread so nobody can jump in and keep trying to explain the same thing over and over. It’s ridiculous. You guys are great, really. Thanks for all your effort. Sorry for my post, honestly. It was educational and fun. You’re the best guys. Have a good one. Bye.
  7. Thanks. About the Art boards, I know the workaround. This video shows it's not as easy as opening a new document. You need to do a couple of things to be able to have your art boards and so on. And about the Formats, I said I understand that all files are basically the same, I was answering @prophet 's question. Again, thank you all for your answers. This topic is done now. CleanShot 2022-04-18 at 18.45.14.mp4
  8. With export persona I can export many files in different formats with one click. That’s one of many great features that I love from Affinity. For example, I work for an Agency that one Designer document have 200 art boards. Different web ads in different sizes, social media flyers, website banners, blog post pictures headers, and so on. One click and their server get all files in four formats they need, Jpg, png, pdf and Eps. I love Export persona.
  9. It’s fine. I was aware of your explanation since you first mentioned. Thanks for your help. My post was sharing a need for a particular need in my daily routine of tasks. I use Eagle for fast access to my clients archives and Rasking for fast projects browsing (highly recommended). I was trying to have a way to save my files for each format so clients that doesn’t have Publisher and only use Designer can open my document without going to the hassle of changing extension and so on. No problem if it’s hard to understand my situation. I appreciate the efford.
  10. I know that. Thanks for explaining. I was just sharing a need for my particular need in my daily work. I appreciate your help.
  11. Maybe I don’t know how to it, if I create a new document of two pages in Publisher and want to create an art board it doesn’t allow me to saying multiple pages can let me do art boards. I will need to record a video of a normal project to show what I obviously can’t explain with words.
  12. I may differ, but knowing how this forum can get with different opinions, I may stay out of it. Thanks for the suggestions, man. I totally forget that extension feature on Finder! More than 20 years using Macs can blind you for basic system details.
  13. Good question. I work on many files at once with a lot of clients. Sometimes I have all apps open at the same time. If I’m working on a brochure in Publisher and suddenly my client ask for a different approach, I can’t add an art board to redesign the layout, Publisher doesn’t let you do that. So I need to create a Designer doc, so various layout designs can be in one place for fast productivity. If I’m working on a collage design with photographs on Publisher using the picture shapes I can’t export it as a Photo Doc either without rasterize it or consolidate on a JPG, and I can find 10 more scenarios I’ve been dealing with for a while. Instead of having a lot of files, having just one with all my art boards inside will be great. Many Publisher features aren’t available in Photo or Designer, and you know how it is. I know not all designers have the same needs, but I’m a one band man, and sometimes it’s overwhelming all these docs when you know it will be easier if you have the option to have all your designs in one document.
  14. I need to convert a Publisher Document made in pages into multiple artboards like it was made in Designer. I own all apps from Affinity, The feature of Publisher that let you have all of them fully functional when working on a document is great, however when I open a Designer document in Publisher it doesn't let me save or export as a different version as Photo or Designer. Is there a way to achieve this, or it is just impossible? This is the only thing that doesn't let me use Publisher as my all-in-one app for designing.
  15. Is this really happening? I literally said this doesn’t have to become a topic of discussion. Can we just go to the part that is important here and wait for the file that needs to be analyzed? I get it. You don’t want links, you need a file attached. Cool, I can be a teammate and do that for you. Is not a problem. SMH, I understand perfectly.
  16. This issue is very interesting. Either you (this forum community) just want to impose using the ‘attach’ options or never use services like dropbox or wetransfer to send files to a client before. I will show this to the devs behind droplr and see what they say about this. I mean, I know I can use my url instead as part of their features but this is the first time someone demand it. When I get back to office I promise I will send you the file using the ‘add files’ option. No worries. Also, I will like to add that d.pr is actually Droplr official sharing domain. You can tell by reading it. Same as bit.ly but anyways I don’t think this need to become a topic of discussion. Bottom line I send a file as asked and it wasn’t accepted for preferences reasons. have a good one, guys.
  17. Excuse me? Droplr is a business as good as dropbox. I’ve been using their paid service for many years. I use a shareable link because is easier for me and part of my everyday routine tasks. If I don’t attach the file is because I’m using the phone and it’s easier that way. Visit droplr.com and see for yourself what it is and their reputation.
  18. Here is the file: https://d.pr/f/HFCPy6 Problem has been solved with your help. Thanks
  19. I have an art made on all in vector/curves, no raster image involved. I try to export and it won't let me. It's a large file but I'm on a Mac Mini M1 on a 1T Drive working on a 6' by 3' banner art. Being doing that for the same client before. The only difference is the OS now, I'm in Monterey OS. Any advice or settings suggestions will be appreciated.
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