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  1. Not only it’s difficult to see it (in this slider and especially in other sliders such as the size of selection brush or other brush sizes in the tool bar), but also the sizes obtained when displacing the slider grow inappropiately quick from the left edge to the right, making difficult to obtain a precise brush size when a moderate size is wanted (i.e. less than 100pt), needing to key in the value into the number field (and precisely in brush sizes where the precise size number is less intuitive than optical/seeable brush size). But moreover, aesthetically the new sliders are more modern and delicate than older in v1
  2. OK !! Isn’t a serious bug, and probably simple to correct.
  3. .... and after rebooting the no-blink effect remains….
  4. My OS is Ventura, full actualized. My Mac is a M1 And no, AFPub is the only app where it occurs 🤷‍♂️ And it is only a curious effect, is no annoying and otherwise the app does what is supposed to do (some quirks, but sure in minor updates will be corrected)
  5. Auch in ‘Zeichen > Farbe&….’ und in ‘Zeichen > Position&…’ fehlt etwas! Mit nicht-englische Sprachen manchmal sind die übersetzte Literalen so-so.... (und noch schlimmer wenn man die grössere Buchstaben-Interface benutzt)
  6. Bug or characteristic ? AFPub has lost the blinking of the text cursor... now is only a fixed vertical bar. I send a video showing this.... Emilio Grabación de pantalla 2022-11-29 a las 11.55.16.mov
  7. Curious effect.... I send an image With repeated edits the size of the file (about 140 pages, text and only 3 images, all SVG), the (already known) increase in the file size. But curiously, y edited the same file in the iPad AFPub, and the size of the file reduces drastically! In the image the "selected" file is the one edited in the iPad version, the other .afpub file is the one edited in my M1Mac This can probably help people of Affinity to detect this bug. Emilio
  8. Sorry The trick doesn't work 🤷‍♂️ Neither AFPub nor Pages display the font It's probably a residual problem of which the infamous Adobe is responsible. Thnx altogether I'll change the textstyle
  9. Hi Why do some fonts not appear in the fonts list (i.e. Athelas, an OTF-TTF font), in AFPub. Even if adequately installed into user’s font folder into the library, and accesible with other apps. This has begun to happen when installing a fresh OS (macOS 12, and 13) Before refreshing OSystem AFPub used Athelas without problem. Is there a method to make those rebel fonts to reenter AFPub discipline, like they normally did? Emilio
  10. The size of icons and explicative interface texts are small, but with big screens with a lot of pixels and pixel density, or far from eyes positioned screens are a lot smaller, really tiny. Solutions could be... refining screen style, redesigning some icons and interface details and functionality, panels rethinking. I know this is difficult.... but for a version 2.x ..... Emilio
  11. 👌👍 Interesting Is an obvious characteristic, and very interesting Thanx walt.farrell Emilio
  12. (AffPublisher) I was trying to put a link in every TOC line (a very common option in a file to be a book on PDF) When I do it, works!, but the Preflight control shows an error saying the TOC needs to be rebuilt. After rebuilding the TOC.... all the links disappear ... and so on... It's not a good thing, really... Emilio
  13. this characteristic [fillable PDF.forms] would be.... great, fantastic, gorgeous, awesome [... as Steve said....] (no need to go into Adobe' hell, o trying to use free PDFescape web)
  14. I had same problem. I located those problematic glyphs through the "preflight" panel, double-clicking the line that marks the error. Maybe this help u !? Emilio
  15. +1 Useful and interesting feature, will be welcome when implemented I use https://www.pdfescape.com but is limited and error-prone
  16. Sorry a second time, but ergonomics and GUI is the key, not the discipline to a common behavior. The GUI should serve to better and speedier use and understanding of the relation of the app with the user. We all love the three apps, but this don't necessarily makes to be 'always' satisfied with 'all' their characteristics. This forums are not only interesting to discuss and solve problems, are also a pool of ideas and details that could be, eventually, important to designers of successive version of the apps.
  17. Thanx to all Discussion very interesting, the capability isn't yet installed in AFPUB but it will surely be in any future. Both solutions are interesting, I'll try overstrike glyph and pinned line solutions (this last can be also interesting in certain applications like drawing obtuse angle over letters, or also old style abbreviature details like in icons and hand-written religious texts) Emilio
  18. No, no, I don’t mean strikethrough ! What I mean is a line ON TOP of the characters/glyphs/letters, not through the middle or under those. Like the example I send. Emilio
  19. Is there any method to make an overstrike or overline on (a) word(s) or character(s)? == a line like underlining but on top of the words instead of under the words (as the normal underline) (to make certain mathematical expressions in Affinity Designer and/or Publisher) Emilio
  20. Yes I said this also. I only asked if adding those labels could be a good idea.... sic: Title In modern informatics, the GUI/Ergonomics is the key Thnx Walt
  21. Hi for those people that don't have a BIG screen or our visual capability isn't exceptional.... screen real estate is not so big; when items doesn't have enough space in the contextual toolbar the exceeding are in a pop-up menu at the end of the bar under a double angle "»" in this menu, as seen in the screen copy I send, the buttons exist, but most of them with no indication of what they mean. I'm sure it's well done, as is the same procedure as in the toolbar, but .... could be interesting to have labels near the buttons? probably helpful (or waiting a time to let the pop-up help label appear, 🤷🏻‍♂️) Thnx Emilio
  22. pagesetting involves using definite sizes and typesetting details etc .... so this automatics has nothing to do with . this capability y more near to some word processors...
  23. yes clicking on a numerical field and using up-dwn arrow keys works ok, but.... it is generally necessary to confirm value change with enter/return to see effects. it would be welcome.... inmediate effect to be seen also, pls, for font size!
  24. it would be very wellcome.... using one only tool (AFPUB) instead of two (AFPUB+pdfFormCreatingApp) with the advantages of fine tuning design all in one. please, if possible, put it in AFPUB roadmap (and not too late....) thnx
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