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  1. Okay, I'm fine removing the background and doing the magnification myself, but the background is somewhere jumbled in 100000 random shapes on two layers when I open it in affinity. No groups, two layers, and the layers don't really assign to the objects well. Is this what you find when you open the file?
  2. My experience is that AI open better than EPS when I get them from a designer regarding layers being separated. What can affinity do to get better at opening files? I'm getting tired of getting crappy files from other designers and being told to just buy the Adobe suite because it opens fine in Adobe. Adobe has always been on the wrong side of the consumer and I don't want to support them.
  3. I've noticed when I get a photo.ai file and not a photo.eps file it opens better in affinity. Is there any way affinity can read the AI file or detect Adobe created eps files? I feel like I need a copy of Adobe Illustrator just to open stuff. I've used Illustrator and I like designing in affinity better. Is the an import function I can use to better open Adobe authored files?
  4. I've noticed a lot of times when I open an EPS from adobe in affinity the layers aren't separated right. Not a problem with simple designs, but complex 3d objects have thousands of individual pieces, and I can't work with the vector. Is there a problem with this file or is this an adobe vs affinity issue? Is there some sort of function that uses a hardcoded alpha channel? Do I simply perform some sort of "replace alpha channel" function, kinda like a green screen? I'm pretty amateur at design so I'm sorry if there's something obvious I'm missing. I appreciate the help. Disclaimer: This stock photo was purchased and licensed for a project I am working on for a client. This I.P. is not owned by me and the purposes of the upload are merely for education and evaluation and not duplication. If you want the image the Stock illustration ID is: 923622414 and it can be purchased legally at istockphoto.com - The artist's name is Pavlo Stavnichuk.
  5. Thank you for the styles. I am very grateful to be able to accelerate my work like this.
  6. I understand these problems. I guess I want to know what color profile to assign it to or if I should just design print in RGB and send it to a printer and ask them to monitor the shift. The UPS store next door printed us a small banner, not sure what file they used but it printed pretty good. Any time we try to take anything to fedex kinkos it all prints wonky in muted dull colors. I just want some advice on what color profiles to use, if anybody is having the gradient problems I am. All I really want to do is print a nice business card. The spot color print price is about $1 per card. Here is the thing, I know monster energy drinks prints things and has a nice green. I know it's not impossible to get a nice green out of a CMYK file, I also know it's not impossible to open a file and have the gradients work, whether or not they are the shade you want, the gradient should be smooth and not look like a strange half oval behind the logo. I just want some advice on how to make lemonade out of a pile of lemons. Stick with RGB and find somebody willing to print an RGB file? Find a better CMYK profile to assign? I just need business cards. Everything else will probably be digital or one color imprint for give-aways
  7. New issue, same problem: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37097-designer-made-us-an-rgb-logo-that-needs-to-be-printed/
  8. Okay, long story short, I got a new boss and this boss wanted to rebrand. I'm an amateur and endlessly making changes to a logo isn't my idea of a fun time, so I had her open up a logo tournament. I set out the expectations of the final design, knowing it had to be a file I could work with. The designers soon realized that she had the final say and knew nothing about design, but only one of them would get the money, and that's the one who gave her a logo that looked good on the computer screen regardless of how it would print. She kept telling them she wanted a neon green, an electric purple, and he gave her an RGB logo. I requested countless versions, and the only one I can get to open right is the AI files. All of the EPS have issues, the gradients have issues, and when trying to use the CMYK versions we were provided everything prints like Pea Soup instead of neon green. I kept telling him to imbed the color profile and he keeps insisting that if I open it in Adobe it will work. I have issues with the files in AF and mac preview. I found that I can open the AI files and work on them but the colors will be off. I am going to post the files and see if you guys can help me.CW Logo Tournament.zip CELLULAR CMYK BK.ai CELLULAR CMYK.ai CELLULAR RGB BK.ai CELLULAR RGB.ai
  9. For some reason I never got a notification for this post and never checked back on it. Since this is an old thread I am going to open a new one about a different but similar issue. I will drop a link to the new thread. P.S., I did what you said and it worked. I couldn't find anywhere to change the color "space" but I did click "assign" instead of "convert" and then moved it over to RGB and with the standard RGB profile the colors were nice looking. I then started deleting garbage out of the file and got a clean - er looking button. I think adobe is aware of the issues their files cause for anybody that doesn't use adobe, and I think they like it that way. It just makes me hate them even more.
  10. Very sorry I never thanked you for the information. I applied what you taught me immediately and my friend was pleased with the outcome.
  11. I downloaded an iStockPhoto EPS thinking it would make my life easier. My wife and dog won't come near me because I've been swearing at the computer for hours. It was obviously designed in RGB, but it opens in CMYK. There needs to be a work around. When the image opens it's total pixelated shite. It's garbage and I can't work with it. Changing the color profile doesn't work because the image has already been rendered in CMYK and is totally jacked. It's like I opened a charles dickens novel in google translate and it is assigning it as chinese and then I can translate it back. The integrity of it is already gone. I have searched the web for hours trying to find a cool little program I can use to just imbed a color profile into an eps so it will open right but all I get is a million articles on color profiles for Adobe Illustrator. Please please for the love of God help me with this.Buttons.zip
  12. I am new to Affinity but feel strangely empowered to take on the world with my new found freedom to create. Thank you, and forgive me for being a noob. I am creating a business card and have made a repeating watermark background of the logo, which is made up of thousands of little vector shapes. I want this background to behave distinctly differently depending on what it is overlaying. On the white background I want it to appear exactly as it is, however over the picture I would like to create a vector object with special print instructions for the print shop to use "Spot UV" instead of ink. Seems the easiest way to do this is to create a shape or a hard line along the break in the picture and split the object right on the line, cutting the tiny little vector objects in half one side to it's own object printed in faint blue ink and the other being a mask for the print shop to use precision UV coating to watermark the logo over the picture. Every time I place an object over the watermark repeating background I am unable to subtract, and when I choose "divide" nothing happens. What am I missing? Do I need to duplicate the background and create two masks?
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