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  1. @MithferionThis is really great effect. On a different note I have been looking around to find a similar glass effect as a style where I can change the tint for making up a stained glass mockup to no avail so far. John
  2. When setting up a new document would a future feature in the margin dialogue have a from printer dialogue also please?
  3. @loukash, sadly I cannot seem to do this in the layer effects. Any chance you could elaborate on this please? Thank you John
  4. In a table is there a function to sumup rows of numbers? Or is this sort of feature not available yet? Cheers John
  5. Is it possible to create a fill style similar to the gradient blue glass appearance within Affinity photo please. I am not worried about the white circles with stars inside Cheers John
  6. I can make the problem go away by selecting points in this dialogue. Thanks for the tip in preferences > User Interface >Show Lines in Points. Cheers John
  7. When trying to set the line size in Affinity Designer2 after I release the mouse button for the size I require it jumps back to another setting. However when I do this through the Appearance panel all works ok. Have I adjusted a setting somewhere for the behaviour. Should add, this problem does not happen in Publisher2 nor Photo2. Cheers John jitter.wmv
  8. I think these are great. What Fonts did you use?
  9. V_kyr. Thanks for that have changed settings to reflect that. Cheers John
  10. GarryP, thanks for this. One thing I cannot see how to do is how you get your strokes to show as Px. I can only seem to get pts even though my document is set up for Px. I am probably missing something obvious Cheers John
  11. Thanks for everybody's help with this. I finally achieved my project. Cheers John
  12. Wow, thank you everybody for the interest on my post. I will play around with all these. Cheers John, and Happy new year to everybody
  13. Firstdefence, thanks for the speedy reply and visual solution. Can now progress my project. Once again thank you. John
  14. Good morning I am trying to cut this ellipse in half in AP but sadly for the life of me after looking and trying everywhere I seem unable to do this. Is there a way of cutting this ellipse in half please? Cheers John
  15. Is one able to generate a preview of an affinity file in Windows file explorer? I can see the thumbnail's in the folder/directory but I cannot generate a preview. All other folders/directories show preview of files such as *.jpg, pdf and all my legacy Serif program files. Win11 22H2 Cheers John
  16. hello Walt. In page plus it acted a bit like a sticky note in windows where you could add comments etc about a particular aspect of the program. It appeared as a small yellow box that could be expanded to view and read the comment and was nonprintable. Cheers John
  17. Sorry to bring up pageplus again but, is there a non-printable page hint facility within Publisher as there was in pageplus? Cheers John
  18. I too have the same problem; can you elaborate on how you fixed it as a pre-set in the print dialogue please? And does it double side on your printer Ok?
  19. In Affinity Photo version 2 creating a style seems to be taking a lot longer that in ver 1
  20. Does the Crash report sent to Serif with Affinity Photo2 automatically include the information what caused the crash please?
  21. Good evening, I wonder if somebody can help with remaking Affinity Photo2 the external editor, I would like to use when I am viewing a file in irfanview. I used to be able to point to the Affinity Photo.exe file to execute this but now AP2 is an app I cannot find the *.exe file. Cheers John
  22. Can anybody please help with the installation of FF11 with Affinity Photo, I have installed all my topaz filters and they are working ok. sadly, I cannot see how to install the FF11
  23. Walt I will follow your advice, however when I looked in the control panel, I could only see version 1 installed and not ver 2 as well, so I am reluctant to delete anything anyway. Cheers John
  24. Good afternoon. having now upgraded and customised the UI for my preferences is it now Ok to uninstall version 1 suite of programs for my windows desktop and Ipad? Or do I need to leave the files on my systems?
  25. Good morning. Is there an A4 template within the program that can be used as an A5 booklet for print such as was in PagePlus please? In PagePlus I used to be able to display pages in multi view, is there a feature in publisher to replicate this that I have not found so far please?
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