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  1. I don't know now how to accomplished it already seem it always crashing after clicking the (more) button for print option of PDF. I just took an update recently days ago.
  2. I see. Well I guess I have to make it hide for now. But I don't prefer hiding my dock as I was used to work with default settings. But anyways, I notice when I hide my dock and have opened my AP. I notice it close down when I attempting to export it into PDF after clicking (more) button to select the options. How do I fix this issue? Please help.
  3. Hi, I can't find similar problem from the old posts. So I guess I have to ask a question here regarding about my issue on UI Window settings. I am using a a macbook pro in 13in screen size. And during export to PDF and clicking (More) for option settings below, a UI window settings appear in the screen. Now the problem is, I can't click (OK) button below because it covers under my menu bar of my desktop. (Pls refer to my screenshot) How do I set this that will be visible?
  4. Hi. I'm just curious, when we reformat our osx do we need to repurchased the affinity app again enable to own a copy?
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