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  1. A.L.L. Media L.L.C.

    [Fixed] Metadata (EXIF, IPTC) lost with stack

    Hello: I just ran a batch process with about 22 photos with a macro applied (with 13 steps) and the EXIF information was removed/is missing. The output was .afphoto files to the original location. If there's another fix (presently or forthcoming), please share. Let me know if any additional information is needed. Many thanks -
  2. A.L.L. Media L.L.C.

    Macros Import - 1.6.4

    Many thanks, MEB.
  3. A.L.L. Media L.L.C.

    Macros Import - 1.6.4

    Hello. I've downloaded the latest version for iPad and I am trying to import 4 macros. The 4 files (.afmacro) are grayed out in all cloud-based services I use (iCloud, Drive) and I cannot import them. Please let me know what I may be doing wrong. Many thanks -
  4. A.L.L. Media L.L.C.

    Random changes to image brightness

    Will do, Chris. Thanks -
  5. A.L.L. Media L.L.C.

    App (v.1.6.3) Slow/Freezing - Selection Persona

    Thanks, Chris. The app still rocks and hats off to the entire team!
  6. A.L.L. Media L.L.C.

    Random changes to image brightness

    Thanks, Chris. Multiple layers. BTW, I'm in the process of editing another image and the issue hasn't come up. The next time it happens (if it happens -- let's be positive, right?!), I will note what I was doing and post the same.
  7. A.L.L. Media L.L.C.

    App (v.1.6.3) Slow/Freezing - Selection Persona

    Thanks, Chris. Canon Raw (CR2) 38.4 MB file.
  8. A.L.L. Media L.L.C.

    Random changes to image brightness

    It's temporary. It dims when I start inpainting it dims, but brightens again as I continue. It's happened maybe 3-4 times, but thought I'd inquire/mention it. Thanks, Chris.
  9. A.L.L. Media L.L.C.

    Random changes to image brightness

    With version 1.6.3, I'm noticing the image brightens and darkens randomly when I'm using the inpainting/clone/healing brushes. The brightness setting on the iPad isn't changing, only the brightness of the image within the app. Anyone else experiencing the same? Thanks -
  10. A.L.L. Media L.L.C.

    App (v.1.6.3) Slow/Freezing - Selection Persona

    Thanks, mystrawberrymonkey!
  11. When trying to refine a selection in the selection persona, the latest version of the app was slow to make and add the refined selection. I restarted the app, but there was no difference in performance. I restarted the device (12.9 iPad Pro - Mid 2017), and the app froze. I restarted the app after restarting the device, and the app froze again. Any others experiencing this or similar? Thanks -
  12. A.L.L. Media L.L.C.

    Unable to enter decimals in calculator interface

    Thank you, Lee. In particular, when using the HSL adjustment, Hue can be changed at the decimal level by sliding left/right, but not by entering a precise value using the calculator interface. The tutorials on YouTube appear to indicate a decimal in the calculator interface, but I'm not finding the same on mine.
  13. Hello: I do not see an option for entering a decimal when using the calculator interface to change values such as radius, brightness, etc., although I can change the values by dragging left/right (e.g., I can't key in a value of 3.6). Is this a known issue? Many thanks -
  14. Hello MEB, Thanks for the above information. I tried option 1 and was unable to open the .afphoto file on my desktop. I received this error message: "Failed to open document...The file includes features from a later version of Affinity" I have Affinity Photo (Mac) version 1.5.2. I love the iPad app and look forward to future refinements. Edited: >>Just found info in Forum re desktop beta that should address this I believe...please disregard<<
  15. A.L.L. Media L.L.C.

    Affinity Photo for iPad launched at Apple WWDC

    YAY!! I'm downloading right now and cannot wait to start using. Affinity rocks!

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