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  1. Hi, I have issues with Guides. Dragging a out a guideline from the Ruler doesn't allow me to modify it, like delete or rotate. How do I delete a single guidelines without having to open Guides Manager and trying to guess it placement en procent. And how do I rotate a guide?
  2. @matt// Great suggestion. I missed that too, a really essential feature if you are trying to blend "difficult colours".
  3. I am on macOS. When I drag over the ruler, the document just starts to scroll.
  4. Haha! I tried dragging it back numerous time... Apparently I did it wrong.
  5. I don't know if this is even possible, properly not, since I don't image that Sketch has open sourced its plugin system. But it would be awesome if Affinity Designer had a plugin system, one that were compatible with plugins from other apps... Far fetched i know. But image if you could import this Sketch plugin https://material.io/resources/theme-editor/. It would be mighty useful.
  6. Well as the title say. It would great if Affinity could support this. command+control+space brings up the emoji window, but when inserting one into a text field just place a place glyphs. (I believe that there is something about the Apple emoijis, there are I believe not SVG but some kind of bitmap image)...
  7. In "Guides Manager" why can't I change or add Margins?
  8. Is it by design that you can't open or download images from the stock studio panel if no document is open?
  9. Does anyone else experience these jagged edges when clipping text inside a shape?
  10. HA! There you go! No bug after all. Thanks @MEB
  11. There is no iCloud Drive location for Publisher as there is for Photo and Designer. Is this before there is no iPadOS app?
  12. No rush James. Enjoy your holiday... (Remember your camera, need for photos for the tutorials :D)
  13. The quality of your tutorials is really great. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/photo/desktop/ But could please add one or two videos on Live Perspective and Perspective Tool. To me they don't really work as I would expect. Just wrapping some text around a corner with a dual plane, give me an odd result :D So I must be not be understanding the tool correctly.
  14. I think it would be great if there existed a plugin or persona in Designer that would allow you to create small SVG animations from vector shapes. I don't mean an entire motion effects app like Apple Motion 5 or After Effects. But something that would animation SVG for lets say web. Just an idea.
  15. I am. Looks interesting, might get the trial. Thanks.
  16. Hi, Is there a way to "break" a spread into pages like InDesign's "Allow pages to shuffle"? Let say you are laying out a spread a image that fills an entire page from bleed to spine. Before export the file to a PDF you need some way to add bleed to the "spine". How would one go about this? I have attached to screenshots to clarify.
  17. Hi, It would be really great if you could make it so that Vimeo videos on https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/learn/ would play with third-party cookies blocked. Thanks.
  18. Right now you can preorder from Publisher from Affinity's store. But what if you want to use the Mac App Store, where you bought Designer and Photo. Does this mean that we can't get the discount?
  19. Am I the only really missing text frame information in the Fields panel? I really need information about number of characters, words and lines in a text frame. And perhaps also the average number of words per line as well.
  20. Thanks. Hidden gem, works perfectly.
  21. csj

    Let's be honest

    I exactly agree.
  22. First off, great work this beta release is further ahead and more complete than I expected it would be when downloading. I do have a featured request that I don't think have been added here, that I at least find kind of vital. And that is the ability to shuffle pages, to that you can combine 3 or more pages in a spread. Like so: https://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/using/pages-spreads-1.html

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