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  1. +1 for transform selected objects individually
  2. snopeusz

    Crash on Export (AP)

    Hello, I often experience long hung-ups when opening Export modal panel in AP and AD and this time it crashed after a few minutes of "Spinning Beach Ball of Death". The app was marked "not responding" in "Force Quit" window (cmd-alt-esc)[1], but I didn't kill it, just waited. Please, do something with these hung-ups. It's probably related to estimating file size, as it happens a moment after opening Export panel every time. For smaller projects it's hardly noticeable, but for the current one (B1 poster @300dpi) it just breaks the flow. Besides this issue the apps work very smoothly ^^. BTW I'm on Mac (El Capitan, 8GB RAM). Best regards and looking forward to news on the topic ak -- [1] The actual english names could be different, as my system is set to other language. Affinity Photo_2017-05-01-212201_BlackNoise.crash

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