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  1. I select the skin; then I want to airbrush light on the skin along her entire body, then I want to Gaussian that light but the brushing is in 6 different layers, is there a way to merge the layers to Gaussian them in 1 action?
  2. steve-halloween

    noise or dissolve

    Thanks! I'll play with that.
  3. I've used Freehand & PS for decades; I'm testing AD. See my attached cartoon, please; in PS I could use the magic wand tool to click on her skin, go to a new layer & airbrush light & shadow. Can AD do similar, please?
  4. I'm in trial phase of AD; used Freehand & PS for decades. How do you merge selected layers?
  5. I'm in trial phase of AD; used Freehand & PS for decades.I can't find a way to show noise, or dissolve, as in the ocean floor of attached cartoon.
  6. I'm in trial phase of AD; used Freehand & PS for decades. How can you merge layers? I created a green rectangle; can't find a noise filter, so ran a brush over -- only to find that created @ 20 layers I can't seem to merge.
  7. I create areas in Freehand that I select in PS with magic wand & work on that selection in its own layer. Does AD have a selection tool similar to PS' magic wand?
  8. I am using the trial AD & have not found a tutorial to show how to do an illustration: use layers; make selection; use tools like brushes, etc.
  9. steve-halloween

    A drawing - from start to finish

    Great art! I'm using trial Affinity Designer & am having problems locating a tutorial on how to do illustrations.
  10. I'm a former user of old Freehand to create vector illustrations. Importing them into very old Photoshop, I would use magic wand to select & use airbrush, etc. I can't afford PS any more. Would Affinity Designer, or other Affinity products, be a good alternative? Attached is an example of the type illustration I do. Thanks.
  11. Just got your trial run. I am former PS user, I need tutorials about layers, selection tools, brushes, etc.

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