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  1. It is a bit weird. Secondary click on a .jpg in macOS Finder, choose Open With..., and Affinity Publisher is listed in the available applications. If you press on and open the image, Affinity Publisher creates a single-page document, with no master pages, with the same pixel dimensions as the image, and with the image placed perfectly on the single page as a locked Background (Pixel) layer. You can also drag a .jpg file from a folder onto the Affinity Publisher icon in the Dock (or in the Applications folder), and the same thing happens. As @R C-R says, there's not a huge amount you can do with it in Affinity Publisher in terms of image editing (although you can, if you have it, round-trip into the Affinity Photo persona via Studio Link). But it's not a workflow that I would choose to adopt
  2. Thanks @Sean P I've switched to Metal and I can now see the smaller sizes of grid. I think I was using OpenGL because my graphics card didn't seem to kick in with Metal. That may have been an OS thing - seems to be working fine now, so I'll stick with Metal.
  3. Hi @Sean255 and welcome to the forums! The latest customer beta of Affinity Photo (version, for macOS) adds PSD smart object import support. I don't think this feature has been rolled out to the PC beta yet. I'm not in a position to test it myself, and I would guess it's a work in progress, but it might be worth a try... You can run the beta in parallel with your installed version, it doesn't replace it. Cheers, H
  4. Too clever for me @Old Bruce
  5. Setting the main grid spacing to anything less than 4px results in a blank page instead of a visible grid, whatever the magnification level. Subdivisions don't appear at all when the main grid is set to anything less than 16px. Screen Recording 2020-02-12 at 20.04.12.mov This appears to be a regression from 1.7.3, where smaller grid sizes (I was trying 2px) are possible, with subdivisions visible right down to 1px or possibly even less. It looks as though snapping is still working even at the smaller, invisible, grid sizes. Cheers, H
  6. Setting the colour of grid lines also changes the colour of the subdivision lines - and vice versa: Screen Recording 2020-02-12 at 19.48.39.mov Cheers, H
  7. Don't add any extra pages, just paste in the text on the first page and shift-click the linking arrow. This will automatically add as many pages as you need, and link the text for you. Cheers, H
  8. It looks as though you have at least seven open documents all called "Untitled" - the [M] after their names is short for "Modified", so they must have been saved at some point... As a first step, I would suggest saving and closing them all, quitting Affinity Designer, restarting and trying again. It might also be an idea to rename some of them! (I know, I know, turn it off and turn it on again. But if I was Affinity Designer, I might be a bit confused by all those open documents with the same name ) Hope it helps! H
  9. Hi @znello and welcome to the Forums! 😀 If you select the preset in the Export dialog, then click More, followed by Manage Presets, there's an option to Delete preset: There's an option in Preferences to Reset Default User Defaults, but that may be a bit of a blunt instrument, and the Help files are not helpful about what is actually reset by clicking this particular button. Cheers, H
  10. It's probably not a huge concern, but it's worth remembering that some fonts (mainly those known as "Old Style") treat numeric characters as lower-case, some with descenders and some with ascenders. This can make the individual characters appear not to be vertically aligned, which may look odd on a map: All these characters in Bodoni 72 Oldstyle have the same character and paragraph settings, and the circular text frames, as suggested by @GarryP are exactly the same size. Yet 6 and 8, which have 'ascenders', appear higher in their frames than 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9, which haves 'descenders'. Meanwhile 1, 2 and 0, which have neither, look smaller than all the other characters. Here they are all in a row: (When I did this sort of thing for a living, I always used to find the figure 4 particularly annoying. It never seems to look right, no matter how you align it and no matter what font you choose. )
  11. Hey @Birgit welcome to the forums! 😀 Which app are you using? There is a Transparency Tool in the main Designer Persona of Affinity Designer, and in Affinity Publisher - but not as far as I'm aware in the Pixel Persona of Designer, or in Affinity Photo. Cheers, H
  12. Hi @megan blankenship and welcome to the forums! This is a known issue and there are multiple posts about it. The only current solution that I'm aware of (short of reverting to your backup of the earlier OS) is to run the Beta and manually flatten and save your edited image before returning to Apple Photos. You should also be aware that Serif warn against using beta versions of the Affinity applications for critical work. It's up to you. Cheers, H
  13. Try disabling the Perspective and Lens Distortion Live Filter layers, then selecting and darkening, then re-enabling the two live filters.. As far as I can see, the Selection Brush Tool works on the position of the original image, not the distorted version. I don't know if that's by accident or by design. Cheers, H EDIT: actually, I think you may need to Merge Visible to create a flattened version of the image before selecting and darkening. I'm still fiddling to see if there's a better way.
  14. Just tried Corner Tool in Designer for Mac and the C shortcut was enabled and worked fine.
  15. It's in System Preferences - Security and Privacy - Privacy - Screen Recording. Unlock and make sure the Affinity apps are checked. Cheers, H
  16. Assuming this is in Affinity Photo, and on a Mac, then go to the View menu and choose Separated Mode: I'm not sure of the Windows equivalent, I think it may be "Float Windows".
  17. Hi @PaulSum and welcome! Can you specify which software (Publisher, Designer or Photo) and which operating system (macOS or Windows) and version? And could you post a screenshot please? Cheers, H
  18. It's bits (b) vs bytes (B). Or possibly the other way round. I got the big one...
  19. Hi @Ryan B and welcome! Hold down the shift key while dragging out a corner. Hope this helps!
  20. That's brilliant, thanks @Patrick Connor . Just to confirm, my upload allowance has been increased to 10 Gb. I can also see the checkboxes if I do choose to delete anything, which I'll swear weren't visible before. I'm one happy chap now!
  21. The Apple Support Communities forum lets the original poster mark a solution if it is helpful or if it has solved their issue. This doesn't prevent others posting in the thread afterwards, at least until the thread has been inactive for a certain length of time, after which it is locked off. I think something like that would be ideal on the Affinity Forums, and would doubtless be easier to implement than an all-seeing AI.
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