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  1. I had the same problem here. It doesn't really mattered what format it was exporting to, it's just a matter of choosing any of the dialog boxes/checks, the system would hang and there's a crash. But it was specific to one file of mine: In my case it's the old Aqua Blue.jpg Apple wallpaper saved as .aphoto Then I tried to reproduce the error with other files and they all worked just fine... Re-tried once again with the problematic one and it just worked. I may send you the crash report if it helps anyway. By the way, the crashes happened when the export was set to PNG in the firs
  2. The issue is within Apple's security policy... You'll need to change your security settings in order to allow OS X open files from "qualified developers" (not sure if it's written this way, my OS is in Portuguese). Anyway, it's on the 'General' tab at 'Security and Privacy' settings. Now, back on topic: the measurement tool is definitely something I'm looking after as well (my entire professional life is entrenched on CAD software; 16 years on this industry), so any tool that remotely resembles precision drawing is a plus for me. :-) Naturally, I'm not expecting that a 50$ app would be
  3. Please consider this feature for a future release. ;) Currently we have to resort to Inkscape for DXF export. Inkscape at OS X requires XQuartz, which is a major nuissance. Thanks in advance!
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