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  1. I forgot something. After exporting I applied the contrast curve tried to "rebright" it. That failed when exporting, it is not possible.
  2. Hello, again thanks for your fast support (always). I have the impression that a bit of the abstract look is lost after exporting. The uploaded file contains the layer "layers together" (= the exported layer). Here are the horizontal black lines thicker than the original. The background layer looks a bit brighter perhaps because the black lines are smaller.
  3. Hello, are there any chances that the halftone problem could be fixed until tomorrow? Thanks
  4. File is uploading. I noticed one more thing. To make the file size smaller I reduced the dimension (pixel). Doing that the background layer is lost.
  5. Hello, thanks for fast reply! I should have the project ready until tomorrow. Any idea what I can do? Halftone-example. Of course send the upload link.
  6. Hello, masked an image - changed to monochrome dithering to black&white. - Then again recoloured the image and improved a bit with luminosity. Exporting as tif or jpg max the color is gone. Only b&w. Similar happened masked an image than with Livefilter added halftone Exporting as tif or jpg the filter works better but not same results. Affinity 1.6.7 on 10.11.6 I don't know what to do. Fast reply would be fine. Thanks
  7. Hello, opened the tif-file (106 mb 8-bit), saved and exported again as tif the file is much smaller (65mb 8-bit) Will be tif exported with compression? I can't find anything to choose "tif uncompressed" or "Lzw". Thanks
  8. Have found the command. View / Studio / Studio reset. Now they are again visible.
  9. Hello Alfred, thanks for the prompt reply. That works for the toolbar and the tools at the top but the palettes on the right side are still invisible. Of course I can activate them step by step.
  10. Affiiniy Photo 1.6.6 Hello, suddenly all palettes were disappeared, layer, color … Is there a command to reset the palettes? I can't find anything. Thanks
  11. Hello, I've updated to 1.6.6. Changing dpi is yet not possible. It is only possible as you suggested saving with metadata. But that's still not very comfortable. I've tried to exporting a tif-file with 72 dpi and save as .afphoto. The opened file has 72 dpi. Exporting this file as jpg (with 72 dpi) and opening the exported jpg it has again 300 dpi. Have yet reported. Best wishes
  12. Hello, I've updated to 1.6.6. Changing dpi is yet not possible. I can either do it as you suggested or "saving as" (the metadata remains saved). But that's still not very comfortable. Also exporting a tif-file / 72 dip will be the jpg / 300 dpi. Thanks
  13. Have found the option "Colour" at "select screen type. Everything fine.
  14. Hello, I want to use the half tone filter in color for an image but the filter always transfer the image in b/w. Thanks
  15. I've done batch processing with "afphoto Tif)" around 40 - 50 files. It was done very fast without any problem.
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