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  1. Hi there, Please see the movie what's happened when I paste a text from Word and Subllime Text (txt editor): https://streamable.com/8z4ua
  2. Thank you Sean. You are correct. Now I understand why Designer asked me about Forcing Pixel Alignment.
  3. Hi, in Affinity Designer, I created an artboard 48x48 px. After export PNG file is 48x49px. Moreover another artboard 216x216 exported PNG file 217x217.
  4. Hi, I got .NEF image. When tried to export to PNG and canceled it i get an Alert with no more information. I continued my work and all is fine. But in my opinion there should be some more information when Alert occurs.
  5. Hi, in Character --> Show Typography --> Typography. There is problem with showing radio buttons. Attached 2 files.
  6. Problem exist only at fully maximized Designer. Really strange. Please see the movie: http://adobe.ly/1QXnX5e
  7. I added some color to Swatches, when I click right button on it, choose Delete Fill i got an alert box (see attached). Choose OK and nothing's happened.
  8. I am using tablet and there is no difference when i change pressure. Line is always as width as I set before drawing.
  9. Exactly. A few days ego I have imported some new brushes sent by Affinity on newsletter.
  10. Hi there. I tried to draw sth with Affinity Designer. When I choose a brush from the menu on the right, than use Brush or Pen to draw sth it does not looks like the Brush I choose. What am I doing wrong?
  11. Hi, Added artboards was a great idea. Now I am looking forward to creating Smart Object like it is in PS. You can add a file and change it to Smart Object. In example it allows you to edit only this element from whole art. It would be great to work with Smart Objects created in Photoshop already. It is the only reason I still work in PS at least I have already bought Affinity Designer. Great job so far. Regards Maciej
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