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  1. I'm exploring how to use tab stops in AD for the first time. I have quickly run into an issue with the way they function. Here is what I am doing: - Place cursor in paragraph that I want to apply Tab Stops to. - Open the Paragraph Panel. - Adjust distance (example 4 in) - Press "Add New Tab Stop" That works great as long as I get the distance exactly correct. I can Highlight the created Tab Stop and adjust Alignment and Leader, I cannot, however, adjust the distance. This feels broken. I should be able to adjust the distance without having to delete and recreate. I thought it had something to do with the name of the Tab Stop, so I highlight the name to attempt to rename, but the new name does not stick.
  2. It's much better in the 1.7 Beta! It's still a little awkward, but seems completely functional. The awkwardness I am referring to is this: There are these 7 buttons: [Positions] [Align] [v] [Leader] [v] [...] [x] Clicking [Align] does nothing. Clicking [Leader] does nothing. [Align] [v] should be just one button: [Align v] [Leader [v] should be just one button: [Leader v] The [...] button should be much larger and more visible; it seems to be more useful than the other buttons. So, [Align] [v] [Leader] [v] [...] could just all be one button that does [...]. My very first suggestion of all of the above would be to just make the [...] larger and easier to click.
  3. Where do I find the beta download at? EDIT: I found it.
  4. How can I see a list of missing fonts in a document? When I open a psd or ai file, a dialog appears that gives me time to find the fonts before fully opening the file. When I open an AD file, a windows sometimes briefly appears that lists the font. That window does not always appear though. Where can I see a list of fonts used in the document?
  5. Is there a way to select a symbol, then replace it with a different symbol from the symbol library? If not, could this be a feature request. It would help a lot.
  6. I'm most excited to see the ability to Unlock All on the list of new features! I've tried it out and live the way it works! Something I've noticed though, the shortcut for Unlock All does not work if I use the CTRL+ALT+SHIFT on the right side of the keyboard, I've got to use the keys on the left side of the keyboard. I'm not sure if that is intentional or consistent with the way shortcut keys work.
  7. Thanks! I've created some complex objects and tested it out some and it works pretty well to be able to click around and hop in and out of groupings.
  8. Can someone point me to a video explaining how the layers panel works? Some trouble I'm having: 1. I'm not sure how to control where new things I draw are being put. I can highlight a layer I want to work on and then draw something. The new thing I draw is put into the bottom-most layer (even though it is locked). 2. Some layers are medium grey, some are dark grey. Why? 3. How do I unlock things without having to dig through the layers panel?
  9. Is there a way to step back up the layer hierarchy without using the layers panel? Say I drill down into a character, then his head, then his eye. Once I'm down editing the eyes, I want to just back up to edit the head without having to search the layers panel.
  10. Thanks for the replies. It's helpful to know about the Insert Behind/On top/Inside buttons, although they are a bit cumbersome to use. I did find out that I can double click a group to drill down inside of it, as owenr has said, then paste or create objects to have the same effect as depressing the Insert Inside button. I think what is helping me as realizing that the layers panel is really a list objects and not layers in the sense I am expecting. That being said, I think aiming to have it be a list of groups rather than a list of layers might help me organize things. I also realized that the reason things were always dropping down to the bottom-most "layer" is because that bottom-most layer was an artboard. Edited: 9/29 . Fixed some typos and such.
  11. I just realized that the dark grey layers are actually artboards. I'm not really sure how that effects things.
  12. I also wanted to state that I come from an Illustrator background and the layers panel seems to function a lot different. I'm having a hard time managing where everything is placed.
  13. I too would like to know. I have Draw Plus, does it have pattern tools? How about something free? Inkscape?
  14. As the Subject says, I'm looking for a quicker way to access those tools to change the way the nodes behave and are shaped. What are people's workflow like for fine tuning the nodes and handles? Moving my mouse up to that bar every time is not great.
  15. Is there a way to select all same fill color? Same with select same stroke color and other things.
  16. I was using Codecademy for awhile, but their Python course is using version 2, I don't mind being familiar with the syntax differences, but I would ultimately rather not be learning on an old version. I also like FreeCodeCamp and will probably use both that and Codecademy when I do get around to picking up Javascript.
  17. add Krita to that. I too would be much more excited about Python, not so much for Javascript. I guess it's another reason for me to learn Javascript even though I'm not too thrilled with it.
  18. desult

    AP Adjust Curves

    It seems to be working fine ok today. Maybe a restart of the computer straightened things out. Info about files. jpg, 8-bit rgb, 3-12mb. Windows 10 Radeon HD 6700, 8GB RAM. It was specifically the curves adjustments. I restarted the software several times and the problem kept occurring. But, it seems to be fine now, so it might be a non issue. If it happens more, I'll try to get more information.
  19. Adding a Curves adjustment locks up everything. I posted this yesterday and came to check on responses and the post seems to be missing, not sure how it has disappeared. Sorry for the repost if it is still there and I just cannot find it.
  20. I too found myself turning off touch for the same reasons. I'll toggle it on on occasion though, but 99% of the time it is off.
  21. desult

    Cut tool?

    The Boolean operations are comparable to Illustrator's Shape Mode tools. Does AF have tools similar to Illustrator's Pathfinder tools?
  22. Why are my posts moderated before posting to this thread?
  23. If I have the Zoom tool active and I press space to pan, if the pan action is too brief, it will unintentionally zoom.
  24. I'd like to be able to change the size and color of the transparency pattern. I personally prefer smaller boxes that are dark grey and slightly darker grey.