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  1. Meanwhile .... this is a photo processed with a "standard" recipe in NIK Color on a JPG directly from Fuji X100S camera. I really like the result :)
  2. Thanks! I'm trying the Topaz BW, I don't like it as much as Nik ... but at least it works.
  3. From what I understood Nik Collection is not going too well after they have been bought by google. Too bad, I liked it more than Topaz ...
  4. Hi, I've tried the nik plugins. I followed the procedure of installation step by step and it works .... sometimes. :( But after 2-3 times, when I try to open one plugin, it opens it two times. I believe one time as a standalone and another one as a plugin .. and because of that Affinity is blocked and I only have the option to Force quit. After I'm getting into this problem, I cannot get away even with restarting of Affinity. Does anybody has this problem ? I have downloaded the plugin today .. so I believe is up to date. Best regards, Florin print screen.afphoto
  5. Hi DWright, Thanks for the reply. I actually need to adjust more of the greens that the "green" selection is adjusting. I've tried also the Select Sampled Colour and it's giving a better result, but it's a little bit trickier. It seems that this is the way after all. Does anybody knows if it's in plan to get the option in HSL to change the range of each color ?
  6. Hi MEB, Yes , I know about that. But in most of the cases , that "greens" are only a smart part of the actual greens in the photo. In photoshop you have the ability to change the range of greens. I've tried this method on several photos and usually it's just not enough. Sometimes I used also the yellows, but you have to create a mask to be sure you are not messing up everything. I was curios if there is a fast way to do this, without a lot of masking. Best regards, Florin
  7. About the HSL adjustment: In photoshop you have the possibility to define the range of "greens" for example, when you want to make the grass popup in the photo. In Affinity, we don't have the possibility to adjust the range of green colors. So, is there another fast and easy way to do this ? Best regards, Florin
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