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  1. michalczajka

    Portrait Pro Plugin Causes Crash on Launch

    please do something with that :(
  2. michalczajka

    Portrait Pro Plugin Causes Crash on Launch

    Hello, any solution for PP 17?
  3. i have change language in designer but i cant download free content. i have on welcome screen nothing in center - just logo. please help me download it.
  4. michalczajka

    Liquify Persona - Mesh

    Hello, when using liquify Persona and hide mesh and enter this mode again in another photo there is mesh and its not selected on the panel.
  5. michalczajka

    Brush paint error

    Hello, i have problem with latest App Store version. its crush when retouching ;( latest MacBook Pro 2.9ghz, Radeon Pro 460 4096 MB, Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB. also have strange behavior when using brush....
  6. michalczajka


    i have problem with Refine tool - this image is in refine tool - nice cut from red background. without red border. this image shows how it looks after apply refine tool. showing red border. is this a bug? or i made it wrong?