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  1. Thank you for your help Hangman. Yes, I did submit a bug report. -FF
  2. See attached .afdesign file. Each icon on the canvas is 38 x 28 px. Selecting pano1 and exporting it via "File > Export..." , either as a PNG or a JPG, generates an image 59 x 43 px. Now do the same with pano2, which is a copy of pano1 but without arrowhead. Designer in this case generates an image 39 x 29 px. Still 1px too large, but pretty close. The only way to get the correct size after exporting is to make the box size much larger but to leave the arrows at their original size - which is precisely what I don't need. It always happens so it's reproducible. I am using the latest MacOS version and the latest Designer version. nav_4.afdesign
  3. Yep, you don't even need to create a slice. Make a copy of pano2, remove the arrowhead, export using File > Export... => The rectangle size is correct (well, still one px too large in both directions, but still). Sooo, what should I do now with this information - is there some kind of bug reporting?
  4. I tried PNG and JPG, I got the same results. No, the way I usually work is I create a canvas on which I can experiment with different designs, so the canvas is definitively larger, but the export results are not as large as the canvas, far from it. They just are larger than the actual object. I tried different approaches. The one that is supposed to work but doesn't is simply to select the layer and export it using File > Export... I discovered that the problem lies with the space between the actual object and its surrounding rectangle. If I draw a rectangle close to the actual objects, Designer delivers a larger size. But if the rectangle around the object is large enough, everything is fine. I have enclosed the .afdesign file for you to play around. Exporting pano2 as described produces too large a document, exporting pano1 the same way works as expected. navigation.afdesign
  5. Thank you Alfred, but the difference between the actual object size and what Designer delivers are very large. I have attached an example. The object size is 36 x 26 px, what I get after exporting is 47 x 33 px. May be I am overlooking something here, I just don't know what.
  6. I am using Designer to design web icons. I am not a graphic designer, so my icons are pretty basic, but they get to job done. With other graphic applications I simply select an icon and I then export it. That's it. I thought I could do the same with Designer, and the intro tutorial to exporting suggests that much, but in my case it simply doesn't work. The icon is being exported BUT its size is wrong. It always has some kind of "padding" around it. I can't figure out how to export just the object, I don't want a document containing the object. Thank you for your help!
  7. I need Designer to create icons - to be used in web applications. To avoid scalability and quality issues, I always export my icons as SVG documents. Version 1.6.x support for SVG was limited. For example, drop shadows were being exported as separate bitmap files, although SVG can handle shadows just fine. I was hoping that v. 1.7 would have resolved this issue, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I did a test by importing an SVG image of a circle with a drop shadow. Unfortunately, only the circle was imported... I find this lack of attention for SVG very dispiriting for an otherwise excellent application. I just hope I am missing something, but I am not holding my breath.
  8. I just noticed that Designer can't export native SVG effects such as shades and instead rasterises them. This is a bit of a problem, as SVG icons in my experience are one of the best ways to keep icon sizes small and at the same time ensure scalability. SVGs that include raster images unnecessarily increase image size. I have been using other vector applications (but no Adobe solution) far less powerful than Designer. They can all properly handle SVG effects, so I was surprised to discover that Designer cannot. It seems to me that improving Designer's SVG export capabilities would be a desirable goal, especially for designers working on web related projects. Best regards, FF
  9. Mmh, that's bad news. Is there some way to submit a feature request/suggestion? I have used several vector applications (but no Adobe solution) far less powerful than Designer. They can all properly handle SVG exports. There are good arguments to be made for being able to export full svg images. Best, Franco
  10. I am trying to export a simple icon as an SVG image. The image has a bit of a shadow around it. Affinity does manage to export it, but when I check the code, it generates a bitmap of the shadow instead of implementing it via SVG, which is what one would expect. I looked around to see weather there is some way to change this behavior, but I couldn't find any helpful information. Did I miss something? Help would be very much appreciated. -Franco
  11. The point is that it's quite simplistic to blame Amazon for the problem. If Affinity doesn't like Amazon's contractual conditions it can easily find some other way to ship its books, just like many other companies do. It's too easy to say that there are no other options. Obviously there are. Whether Affinity find them adequate or not it's a different question. As far as I can tell this company is doing quite well financially. It's certainly not some kind of flight-by-night operation. So cost doesn't seem to be an issue. So what is the issue? Without a statement by Affinity, blaming Amazon doesn't explain anything.
  12. @R C-R: Well, believe whatever you want, the point is that I did order books several times from abroad NOT shipped and NOT paid through amazon. Is that so hard to believe? @Alfred: Interesting, I'll look into that.
  13. I tried, but then it would tell me that "this item cannot be shipped to Switzerland"...
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