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  1. Has anyone got a business card template? I'd like to start putting something together and would be easier to use a template than start from scratch... Thanks
  2. I'd like to open a .ai file... but it won't work. Is there a way to do this? Or do i need to convert it somehow... If so how do i do that, and what format should i convert it to? Thanks!
  3. thanks Dale... i'm all signed up for the online session. If you hear of any more please let me know! Cheers
  4. I'm based in London... Any chance of some Affinity classes? Would be great to get some hands on tuition from people that know what they are doing... I'm a complete novice!
  5. Hi everyone. I've recently had knee surgery so in my recovery time thought it would be good to learn a new skill... Very much new to graphic design so lots to learn. I'm a complete novice and am based in London. I was wondering if anyone was able to recommend a course or somewhere i can get some help... Are the Affinity guys based in London too? maybe they could do some sessions? Thanks for all your help - feels great to learn something new, and the software seems to be very intuitive. Cheers Hugo
  6. OK thanks. Is there not a relatively easy way to copy and paste a selected part of the image and place over the top to hide the writing?
  7. Please help! I've just purchased affinity and have been working through the tutorials. I'm completely new to these sorts of progams and really need some help. I've got an image (jpg) of a rustic postcard and i'd like to remove the text on it and just have the blank postcard. However i don't know how to do this. Can anyone help? I've attached a screenshot... Thanks
  8. Thanks Mike. All good now... I've completed the tutorial as things stand now. Really really helpful - thanks so much. Just waiting for the next section to finish it all off and learn some more stuff. Pumpkin is looking very bare ;) Thanks for all your efforts putting this together!
  9. Apologies... ignore that last post. I worked it out - I need to create the layers myself. I'm a total novice... Sorry for my total ignorance!
  10. I'm trying to work through the pumpkin tutorial... and i'm stuck already. When i place the pumpkin png file it does not have any layers!! Am i doing something wrong??
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