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  1. Update: I've added an Outer Glow, just for fun, and i didn't expect something like this. I reinstalled Affinity Photo and tried the 1.4.1 Beta 3 - nothing worked for me. Need some help to get this fixed!
  2. Checked this Icon? Works also great on my Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch 3rd Gen.
  3. Hey there, I'm having some issues with the Export of my actual Project and can not fix it. As you see in the image there appears some strange lines/cuts of the light beam and the "glow" in the sky (wich are actually a brushes). This are two Screenshots. The left image is in AP Dev. Persona, the right is the exported JPEG. It even doesn't matter in wich order the layers are. Hope you can give me some help with this, because Affinity Photo is great and i don't really want to change to PS! Greetings from Germany, Ben. /Edit: Even in 1.4.1 Beta 3 i got the same result.
  4. Hier eine kleine Bildschirmaufnahme wie man z.B. bei einem Logo (PNG Datei mit transparentem Hintergrund) einen Glitch/3D Split Effekt macht. Habe unnötige bzw. falsche Schritte nicht rausgeschnitten. Erklärungen gibt es nicht, die Bildschirmaufnahme ist aussagekräftig genug. Here is a short tutorial for a Glitch / 3D Split Effect for Affinity Photo. I show this with a PNG File with transparent Background. There are no explanations, you get the point by viewing. Further didn't i cut out unnecessary or false steps. Grüße, Best regards, Ben. https://youtu.be/0i9WOd2KzK0
  5. Crabteam: This was also my first idea. The main problem this way: every edge of the reflexes(?) needs an other ammount of fethering with the selection brush.
  6. Madame: First: it's okay - maybe the page where i uploaded the image have problems with some browsers. I'm using Safari and have no issues. Second: It took me about 5 hours. A lot of Clone Stamp and some Smuge Tool on the clothes for better blending. Advanced users may do this is 1 or 2 hours. Hope we could get some tipps for better result, specially on the faces! For me it was just a fun-project and so i finished working on it. Maybe t@z will give me a short feedback or a result of his/her edited image. Ben.
  7. So, i spent some more time on the picture. Don't look to close, the faces are a part for a professional. Sorry for that! But i think on a small Smartphone Display it will be ok to show. http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=d00e8e-1451343795.jpg
  8. This is my first Post in the Forum and english is not my native Language, so don't be to hard if i fail with the Tool Names ;) I made a Screenshot and spent some time to give it a try - and i hope it is ok for you?! The outside Area was mostly cleaned with the Inpainting Brush. I am trying to restore the People with the Clone Stamp Tool and a little bit of the Smudge Tool. There may be more professional ways to fix this, but i think it will do it pretty well. At first i tried to mask out the Light Reflexes(?) that is on top of the picture and correct it with Brightness and Contrast, but i failed hard ;) I'm also a completely Newbie in Affinity Photo and Retouching so i took me about 3 hours to get only there, but i won't give up. It's a good Exercise. Greetings from Germany and Marry Christmas to everyone, Ben. http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=68af08-1450910167.jpg