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  1. casv

    Macro for inverted color infrared simulation

    Thank you MrSapling, it worked!
  2. casv

    Macro for inverted color infrared simulation

    Hello Ivan, I have tried to import your afmacros file but noticed that the file extension should be ending with a "s" as "afmacros". And changed that and made a new try, but getting this error. Do you know why maybe? Kind regards
  3. Hi, I tried to find similar issue on your bug forum but without success. My problem is that when opening a raw image in Develop Persona, I get it by the half and it is duplicated. It just only happen when you open the picture as next one after the first one (the first picture is fine). Looks like only happen when you are using of Apple (Core Image RAW), by selecting it on Assistant Manager. The Serif RAW engine looks like working although. I use High Sierra 10.13.5. Is this a known bug? Picture attached. Thanks.
  4. Hello, Using Affinity photos v 1.5.1 But this issue is still there. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/28572-apple-photos-affinity-develop/ Any idea when this will be fixed? Thank you.
  5. Hi all, Is there any tutorial to make a circle in Affinity Photo like this video?