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  1. IMHO it's absoluty human to first try out what has worked before in a similar situation. 

    > Following this, the computer, the  iPhone, … never would have been invented.

    The computer as an example... originally paper tape was necessary. Necessary, but not a user-friendly idea. So they finally used what the users already knew since the 19th century: The keyboard. And this in an old layout that could have been improved in the process. (Dvorak keyboard for example.) A good decision, IMHO.

    When I create something new, I always consider user expectations, and only when I think there is a *really* better solution, I do implement that.

    > So, you really want a copy of Photoshop? Are you looking for a cheaper version of Photoshop?

    Not a copy, but: A software that has been developed for 30 years must contain some good ideas. Why not find them out and make them your own (speaking for Serif here)?

    By the way, the price is not why I don't want to use PhotoShop anymore: I don't like the rental software system. Because of AD (among others) I have cancelled my Adobe CC subscription in the meantime. Only the photographer subscription is left, because AP does not contain yet all features that are helpful for my jobs.

  2. 3 minutes ago, mac_heibu said:

    That is the „drama“ for all users, who expect a new application B working identically as application A. This is not the case, and if, it would be an evidence of incapacity for the software engineers of application B.

    Truly, but this is how you typically approach new software... or a new Microwave, Radio, Navi, Toaster, ... ;)

    I think that's perfectly okay, and maybe for the developers of "B" it could be an indication that the developers of "A" had a good idea too that should be adopted.

  3. Thank you all!
    So unfortunately there is no function to protect the transparent surfaces like in PhotoShop.


    1 hour ago, John Rostron said:

    Why do you not want to apply masking (proper or otherwise). The obvious solution would be to select the transparent area, invert the selection and then fill this non-transparent selection.

    If you want to apply a new color to some pixels, filling with transparency-protection can be the quickest way.
    PhotoShop has a checkbox for that in its "Fill"-popup and besides that a "protect transparency" option in its layers context menu. Both are quite useful.

    Example: Today I received a logo as a transparent PNG file in which I had to change some text, but only a part of the graphic. In the end, I made a selection of the entire content and deselected the area that wasn't to be colored. With simple filling it would have been faster.




  4. A bit off-topic... I expected an 100 % JPEG to be of the same quality as the uncompressed original. Now I wanted to make sure and did a simple test:

    1. Create a JPEG with 100 % quality from an uncompressed TIFF
    2. Import the JPEG as a second layer above the original TIFF
    3. Set layer effect to "Difference"
    4. Combine both layers
    5. Invert
    6. Zoom in to 1200 %
    7. Use "Levels" to highlight the differences

    And that's the result – tadaa:
    Even an 100 % JPEG is somewhat different (compressed). And an 100 % Affinity-exported JPEG is closer to the original than the PShop JPEG is.
    (Without these image manipulations, however, one would not see any difference.)


  5. Hi,
    this is 100 % reproducable in APhoto 1.7.1/iMac 27 Late 2013/Mojave:

    Using "Acquire Image" with "Image Correction" set to "Manual" crashes the Scanner-Interface (CanoScan 5600 F) immediately as soon as I press the "Scan"-Button.
    With "Image Correction: None" it works fine and PhotoShop has no problem with any setting.

    Looks like a bug to me...


  6. Vector files exported by AD are at least twice as big as the same file exported by Adobe Illustrator.
    I've just now exported a logo: 28.108 bytes with AD ("SVG for web"), 15.365 10.663 bytes with AI. (Updated: Smaller file had display errors)


    Small files sizes are IMHO still important when exporting graphics for the web...
    Can we expect improvements in this case?

  7. Hi, I want to resize a layer mask I have created before by dragging an image-layer below. The mask layer is just a vector rectangle.

    When selecting and scaling the mask layer I always scale the masked image as well – and that's what I don't want.


    The only ways to achieve that seems to be dragging out the image of the mask layer... but I hope that there's a more effective way.?.

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