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  1. You can modify/check your working profile everytime you create a new document under "File > New > Color".
  2. Are they cruical for the job? If so, start a new thread in Features request forum.
  3. No roadmaps for the users. They have their internal one. Any new features will be added when the second number in the version number increases: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3...
  4. What is your working profile and do you have "Preferences > Color > Convert to working profile" checked?
  5. Why don't you explore Snapping tool (on the toolbar) in depth? There are plenty of options and I believe you will find the right one.
  6. It is all about how Affinity team created (PDF) import/export filters based on that how deep they analized the file structure so far.
  7. BTW, PDF always embeds images. Maybe, just maybe, the problem arises if you import PDF with 72 dpi images and on export, if you set the dpi to 300, Affinity resamples them?
  8. Rasterize the image (JPG, TIF...); Click on Develop persona; Make the changes you want; Click Develop. You are back again to Photo.
  9. Inserting note references in Headings is a bad habbit and is not recomended by most authors of page design books. Try avoiding them.
  10. I have such an issues from time to time when Windows prepares its update in the background. Microsoft Team steals, also, too much resorces. Search for Windows Startup and see if there are some programs that slow down your computer.
  11. EPX is 3D model image file and AFAIK it is not natively supported by Affinity. I just wonder how you succeed to open it.
  12. And what is the canvas size? Why not? You can do it and then save (export) the picture in the format QImage supports.
  13. Something more specific, like: why do you need to export them; which format do you use; what resoultion...
  14. The last two vector formats are WMF and EPS, but I don't recomend them. Have you tried to change any defaults in PDF and SVG export settings?
  15. Try with Clone, Inpainting, Healing... brush tools among others.
  16. Please, do not convert any image into CMYK because it has the smallest gamut than the other color spaces and you will lose a huge color nuances that can't be restored back in the original color gamut. Let the PDF profile convert them on the fly into CMYK for print purposes. Set the ICC profiles be all the same in Preferences for all 3 apps.
  17. For now, it would be quite enough if they add footnote/endnote import in Publisher.
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