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  1. Hi, Why some (small) artistic text looks like there is a pink outline?
  2. Maybe it would be nice to have this option in Publisher -- if the size of the word, (in this case superscript) is changed, then the footnote reference size and position in the text, (in this case number 2) to follow the changes proportionally.
  3. But you need to know where are these folders inside Affinity folder structure for each app. Beside, you have items that can be installed into one only and some others into more.
  4. You can make Artistic text frame the same width and span long paragraphs into multiple lines. It would be great to have these options: Selecting two or more Artistic text frames and merge them into one in order they were selected. Convert Frame text into as many Artistic frames as there are paragraphs. Option number 1 will be useful when a PDF document is opened, to join multiple text blocks that are not recognized as one (usually Body text) text flow.
  5. So, it would be great if we can tell to any Affinity app to create a link (in the Preferences) where to search for the items it supports and install them every time on the fly. This way we can avoid the confusion if one needs pixel brushes to install or vector ones and so on.
  6. And this is not only true in this case. There are plenty of situations where you need to make unnecessary clicks which slow down the work. Yes, one of these is Swatches panel.
  7. Insde paragraph extra leading is added automatically when you resize some part of text or you insert an inline graphic. If I have only bold, italic... I don't need extra space inside paragraph. O in this case leading override is not needed (for me). At the begining/end of the paragraph it is same if you are going to add space before/after or leading override. In both cases there is a paragraph break before or after the paragraph. So, I don't need it here, too. If this stops me to use "next style" attribute properlly it is not a big deal for me. Maybe Affinity should consideer cases like this and make a little change to this feature (next style)? No one can expect that all users will start using leading override all of a sudden.
  8. Of course it is. I mean additional space is added between the line which has that selection with increased font size and the one above it. In Publisher "Default" leading acts like you set fixed leading in ID. It means you can increase the font size of the selection but there is no additional space between that line and the one above.
  9. With leading set to Auto in ID, when you increase the font size of a selection some kind of auto local leading override is applied. You get additional space before the line, which is not the same when you use "Default" leading in Publisher.
  10. Sorry. You are right, because I've just noticed that Publisher doesn't have auto leading attribute. At least, not the same by functionality as InDesign's one. It must be added ASAP.
  11. I won't need leading override in both of your examples. In the first one there is no need for it and in the second one "space before/after" can be used freely.
  12. I know it is different. I mentioned it as an alternative to leading override in some cases. I never missed leading override for more than 3 decades.
  13. I'm aware of that. It can be managed with the leading set to {Auto}. It can be done with Space Before/After...
  14. It is OK for your example, but what if some field has a description with more than 3 words?
  15. I've read somewhere that "Typeface" should be used for the family name (Arial, Courier...) and "Font" for its family members (Bold, Italic...).
  16. They must be organized in a new panel. Something like this (Quark):
  17. Can anyone explain what is the purpose of "Leading override" in Text styles? It does not know which line(s) has the override, so it changes all of them as standard leading does. What happens if you applied the p.style with lead.override to more than one paragraph each with different override settings? IMO leading override should only be applied manually. Following the logic of kerning/tracking, leading and its override counterpart should be located in same panel (paragraph) because they deal with rows and this way they can be easily located.
  18. Maybe Publisher should search, by default, in the subfolders (if any) and start searching the HD if not found in subfolders?
  19. It would be nice too, to have shortcuts for Studio presets instead of applying them via menus.
  20. On "Swatches". But it doesn't matter, wherever you make a change it must work corectly -- fill color for background, outline color for the frame.
  21. Hi, here are two bugs I found in Publisher: When I select a shape or picture frame and try to change the stroke width, it is changed also in the character panel. When I select a text frame and try to change the fill or outline color of the frame, it changes the fill and outline color of the text. Of course, I can open the "Text Frame" panel to do this, but it is one more panel opened unnecessarily and only text frame reacts like this. You can change the fill and outline colors of all the other objects -- shapes, picture frames, lines, text -- via "Swatches" panel buy not of the text frame like in InDesign or Quark.
  22. HI, is it possible we get project files like in Quark? A project file is a container of one or multiple documents (tabs) that can be used for: Complete book design -- one tab for the inside part of the book, another for the soft cover, third for the hard cover... Book chapters -- every tab can contain a book chapter, so when a "Book" feature comes it can be easily generated from one project. Brand design -- one tab for the logo, another for the business cards, third for the letter template... When you save the project you get only one file on the disk, all the documents are inside it.
  23. I'm not talking about artboards in Photo. I just hope they will remove them in Designer from Layers panel and add a new "Artboard" panel as they deserve. So, they would not be just a layer named "Artboard nnn" in Layers panel anymore. Instead of tenants, they must be landlords and have their own tenats (layers).
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