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  1. Hi Chris, thanks for your response. Right crazy. I updated to el cap barely a month ago. Maybe why I'm noticing this now. For the record Affinity Designer is my only encounter with this bug. Affinity Photo is fine alongside many others. I save revised proofs of things to new folders constantly. Will happily work around it rather than upgrade to sierra at this point. A mkdir on the side or something. cheers
  2. Hi, I did a search but couldn't find a record of this issue. - El cap 10.11.6 To replicate this bug: While in export persona, hit 'export slices' Then while in save dialog, create a new folder –> name the folder (an untitled folder won't cause a crash) Program crashes. Crash rate is about 90% of the time for me ps. Amazing work with the most recent update! I didn't see that coming and am happy to now be leaving sketch behind also.