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  1. .... and there was I using the title Simple Index! I am working on a trial project just to get familiar with Publisher - but hoping it will eventually become a finished job. Had learnt from your comments to save frequently, and to save a copy frequently - now saving a third edition as a pdf as advised. Job is almost complete and I have learnt a good deal. In particular, I have now learnt to leave the index completely untouched until I have really finished writing and formatting; I was putting the preformatted index at the end, then would format it to a style that suited me - go back and possibly added a couple more index items, and update the index - - - - it was then inserted in the original preformatted style so I would have to play around with it yet again. Slow learner at this age but I have finally realised not to touch it again for some time! Wanted a row of dots with the page numbers on the right side, but no success; have accepted, that and the gaps between the numbers, changed the leading gaps between items, reduced the font size, and changed to two columns so that the index takes up only one page. etting there?
  2. Seem to be getting somewhere thanks to your help. Deleted all index markers several times, reinserted and ensured no Parents - beginning to look like what I want! Remaining issue is getting the page numbers to close up. Inserting an index seems to insert it in a preformat and I cannot change this last point - can change others but not exactly easy, or quickly!
  3. Thanks for comments - not sure if I am replying to both of you? Anyway, Walt is in my book - that is all I want - one entry for Molly Bew [ agree Bew, Molly will be better], row of dots, then all the page numbers where her name appears - regardless of the topic. This is a simple and short booklet, so no need for too much detail. I have had a frustrating hour trying to change what I had entered, to tune in somewhat in line with jmw comments - kept getting message cannot change this, do that, do t'other .... I liked the idea of relevant topics but not necessary in this short trial. Tried to delete all my index marks so that I could start again - eventually found the way! In the process, Publisher kept quitting, but I am improving by trying to remember to save the version, plus save as an alternative duplicate every 20 seconds - then close the latter, and reopen the former ....! As I have said elsewhere in the forum - aged 81, been using and teaching computers for some 40 years, loved PagePlus, so prepared to put up with my perhaps decreasing mental abilities ....... Looking forward to the full version, accompanied by a simple but detailed manual. Meanwhile - I will persevere, and hope you may respond again?
  4. Tried several DTPs to make autobiog notes into booklets - most important missing issue was simple ability to form contents and index; thought this was the answer. Have written a booklet about my first university days in the late 1950s; all worked well except I cannot get a simple index. All I need is a list of topics, no initial caps which I have been able to remove, many dots till page number appears on right side, and several page numbers for multiple entries - typical of most books? However, I cannot get this - separate lines for each identical entry, and page number next to entry separated by but a few dots. It is probably a simple process - but I am getting frustrated at my lack of ability! Be grateful for simple instructions.
  5. Regret to say that age of 81 is catching up mentally. Trying to see how to drag manually ..... I saw at the top of the list of styles that there are 4 words - All, Recent, Used and Favourites. Brilliant by Affinity, appalling by gombi!
  6. Using and teaching computers for 40 years, and running senior's classes for last 20 - mostly PC and taught Pageplus as the best DTP I had come across - but sadly not for Mac as I am. However, this beta fits the mould ; currently trying to transfer vast quantity of random autobiog notes from Curio into booklets. Most enjoyable is list of contents and index - so easy to use. This query is for a list of favourite text styles at top of list of so many - as in Pages, would make life much easier. You are doing a great job!
  7. gombi

    Black and White to Colour

    I am new to Affinity Photo and had similar query to this one - about old family photos. Read all the answers to this query and was totally lost. In Photos on my Mac I can easily change the tone of BWs - to make them look a bit more interesting. Can I do that easily or otherwise in Affinity? Know that I will not be able to change colour of individual items of clothing etc, just the tone of the whole photo - or maybe pars of it.
  8. I am aged 78 and have been teaching seniors how to use PC computers since 1999, the aim being to show them how to impress their friends, relatives and neighbours. One program stood out - Serif PagePlus - fantastic, and I regretted there was nothing like it for Macs. Now Serif has produced Affinity Designer, and I am giving it a trial. However, in producing a newsletter for my students, and others, to show what it can do, I am bemused [?] that I can find no templates [they would use calendars, visiting cards, greetings cards .....], no graphics [PagePlus has a fantastic collection] and no ability to prepare a document with more than one page. I am not computer illiterate, but I am getting on in years - am I missing something? Or if I am not missing anything, is there any chance of these features appearing in the near future? I do have several Mac DTPs which do all of these things, but Affinity Designer almost leaves them all for dead - almost.

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