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  1. No - previously it turned off all layers. It was binary. on or off. off meant all layers off. I deleted and reinstalled the program and that seemed to fix it though. I wonder if i had a bad install. The 2x seems to work okay when exporting, but the 1x is still pixelating, which seems odd. I'm making graphics at a decent resolution.
  2. i exported png @2x and that seems to help. I've attached a simple doc i created with 2 artboards. I can't find anything in support that show me how to structure this doc to exclude the background from export. When i go to slice exporter if i turn off background it turns off all slices. All i want is the 2 docs. Ideas? FB and Twitter Image Template.afdesign
  3. I did view it at 100% view. This image attached is 100% view.
  4. it's like night and day but still showing as pixelized. I've moved and scaled the text but pixelation remains. Is there any other way to make this cleaner? Anther view for snapping to pixels? This is real frustrating because what I get in export is not even close to what I'm designing.
  5. MEB, i did transform them to curves and exported those as well. Stil pixelized. I did not know about the line up. Is there any tutrial or documentation on how to view that line up of text or curves? So other than PNG and JPG what do yu recommend as export image type? SVG?
  6. I did 2 separate files one in photo and one in designer same results both apps am i missing something? These pics are really bad quality
  7. I'm getting pixelation on exporting images, either jpeg or png at any resolution. looks crystal clear in app. as soon as I export - no good. Any idea on why this is happening?
  8. sure. here it is crashes on just about any instance of trying to set constraints on any layer at any time. Does it on layers that are rectangles/shapes and those that are not. I know it doesn't work on non shape layers, but I tried it anyway to see if it would just do nothing or crash. Same across the board. Thanks for your help. Craig Genesis Markup Website Sample.afdesign
  9. If it helps, I've got a 2015 MBPro with 8gb ram and a CPU that rarely goes above 75% usage. I don't think it's the hardware. I've uninstalled and re=installed AD and still same behavior.
  10. Whenever I perform a few constraint operations within a certain time period the application crashes. Right now, if i do 2 or three constraint operations within a minute - crash. If I try to select multiple layers and run a single constraint operation - crash. I can upload a video if it helps. Any ideas?
  11. I did mess around with clipping though it seems easier to edit text and fix the box the right way.
  12. When i import a psd into photo or designer i notice that text which was bound by boxes in Photoshop overflow those bounds in affinity. I read another thread that discussed this briefly. My questions are: Is there a way to import these with the bound box in tact? If not, is there a work around for affinity that any would suggest other than just deleting text? THanks! Craig
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