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  1. I've just discovered that the easiest way to do this, and to add lines or arrows, is to use the Mac Preview Image viewer. I never knew that you could editing with this & it's so simple to use !
  2. I've tried both. I get the text frame OK with both but I can't type anything into it.
  3. I have several photos of constellations & want to add labels with their names to some of the stars. I have tried using both the text tools but when I try to type any text into the boxes nothing happens. I can however copy & paste from external files. Obviously there is something I'm not doing right so I'd be grateful for some help. Thanks Peter
  4. Do you mean the S/H adjustment in New Adjustment layer or the S/H filter available in Filters or in Live Adjustment Layer ? I find the former pretty hopeless to use & much prefer the filter where you can alter strength, range & radius & see the results split screen.
  5. Thanks Leigh That beta download works fine & has also fixed the problem with the startup screen. I do seem to remember getting a message when I downloaded the update but I can't remember what it said. I'm afraid I ignored it, not knowing what else to do !
  6. Hello Every time I open AP I untick the box saying "show this panel on start up" but next time it's back. Also, & I don't know whether this related, but when I open AP the Documents window opens at the same time. This flashes on the screen momentarily as AP opens & remains as a small window behind it, If I close AP with the red button rather than quit it then when I try to open it just the Documents window appears. Neither of these are major problems & I can live with them but I would like to resolve them if possible. Incidentally, & again I don't know if there is any connection,but I was unable to upgrade 1.3.5 to 1.4 and had to uninstall 1.3.5 and replace it by installing 1.4 direct from the app store. I am using OSX Mavericks & no antivirus software. Thanks
  7. I've always had this problem. Never been able to get anything other than the spinning wheel. I have the 1.4 update & am using OSX 10.9.5 and no antivirus software. I don't even bother to look now & just look through the drop down list on the left but it would be nice if search worked.
  8. I am using OSX 10.9.5 and have just installed the 1.4 update from the Apple Mac Store. It says it has installed but my version remains as 1.3.5. I have tried restarting my computer but this made no difference. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks Peter I've now uninstalled 1.3.5 and reinstalled 1.4 and that's solved the problem. No idea what was wrong . Looks fantastic - I'm going to enjoy exploring it. Congratulations to the team !
  9. Thanks very much MBd & Callum. That's where I was going wrong. Obvious when it's pointed out ! I'm certainly enjoying exploring it & the very helpful video tutorials. Peter
  10. Hello I have just acquired the trial version and am so impressed that after using PSE for many years I propose changing to Affinity. Initially I had no trouble but now I am having a problem with the sharpening filters. If I use them as my first action ( which of course I don't want to do ) they work but after I have used any of the new adjustment layers the sharpening filters no longer have any effect. I can't help feeling I must be doing something wrong but I can't see what it is so I would be grateful for some help. Many thanks Peter
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