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  1. 3 hours ago, R C-R said:

    If you mean join a pair of selected nodes, this has already been requested by quite a few users.

    Thanks. I did a search before joining this thread but wasn't sure how to filter for specific feature requests. How can I find this "join a pair of selected nodes" feature request thread and what is the best way of voting for this feature? Presumably writing "+1" or clicking the heart-like button.

  2. 5 minutes ago, R C-R said:

    The presence of the two red nodes indicates you have two open curves. So the first step is to use "Join Curves" to convert them into one open curve. The next step is to use "Close Curve" to connect the open ends.

    It looks like you are doing this in the reverse order -- if you close the curves first, there will be no open ends to join.

    Thanks, but I tried that and have attached what happens


  3. Affinity_Designer_join-fail2b.thumb.png.7d9f70bff6ca245e594faf6c527b5de9.pngI appreciate this is a very old thread, but I have a recurring problem.  I cannot close curves and I cannot work out why. Previously I used Macromedia Freehand and Illustrator, so I expect to be able to select two open ends and then click "Join curves" to connect the selected ends.  I have read various Affinity help files, forum threads and user-generated "tutorial" videos, but I cannot understand the Affinity logic... or keep forgetting the Affinity way of doing it because it doesn't make any sense to me. I have replicated everything in the above video and much more besides but I cannot get my lines to connect. What am I doing wrong please. Four screen grabs attached.




  4. I want to make it easy for Affinity developers to identify and prioritise the most popular feature requests. After looking around this website for a while, I cannot see an obvious way of doing this. I suggest adding three big buttons at the top, namely:

    "1. see feature roadmap"       "2. search feature requests"      "3. add new feature request"     

    Also, within a specific feature request post, the developers of this forum should make it clear how to vote for a feature. Is this currently done through clicking the heart button?

    Here's an example:

    I want to find out how to "select and copy just a segment of a path"

    1. I do a general search
    2. If I can't find how to do it or if it's not possible - I search "feature roadmap"
    3. If it's not there, I search "requests"
    4. If it's not already listed, I add the request
    5. If many vote for it, and it is feasible, it gets added to the roadmap

    If there is already a system for this, please let me know the correct way of doing it.


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