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  1. I'm trying to join two nodes. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.... Can someone tell me what's happening here?
  2. Hello! So when I paste the style of a group, which contains a gradient, the object is not updated (although the fill is). Not sure what's happening here. Only happens with this gradient, other gradients and fills are ok. Attached the file so you can take a look, and video. 75_1.afdesign
  3. Would it be ok for us to create a r/affinitydesignerrequests subreddit, where people can post their requests, and other people can upvote them, so we get a feel of what are the most requested features at the end of a week/month/year? We could add labels to posts later on like "in production", or "in roadmap"/"in development", etc. Pretty much like https://adobexd.uservoice.com/forums/353007-adobe-xd-feature-requests but for free. I am asking this because I'm new to affinity, and I come from Figma which has really frequent updates and they are very transparent about them (you can take a look here https://figmareleases.blogspot.com/, while their feature requests are made on https://spectrum.chat/figma). This was very useful for me at the time because I'd be able to understand how frequently they would tackle things. Since my understanding is that ETAs are very flexible on Affinity, i think this would be a nice way for Designer's users to have a notion of what features to expect next. Also, it will ease new users' understanding of how the product evolves. Bad idea?
  4. Hi everyone, i haven't grasped the forum yet. I understand that this is the road map thread, but where can I peak a detailed list of what features are being worked on/will be developed in the future? (asking this because the first post of the thread seems to be from 2014 ?)