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  1. Hi - I've been noticing that when I copy a bitmap image from Photo into Designer it becomes slightly blurry. In the preferences both are set to 'Bilinear' best quality. Does anyone know why this is and how I can fix it? Thanks.
  2. Totally. It's a small problem in the scheme of things. I use it every day so it just frustrates me, probably more than it should. Overall I love both Designer and Photo, they're awesome programs and I'm so happy to not have to use or pay for Adobe.
  3. Hey mate - Thanks for taking the time to do that. From what I can tell I follow what you explained. It just shits me to tears that I have to zoom in every time to move a line to an automatic grid to avoid it from being blurry. Plus if I group a bunch of objects then move them, the lines often become blurry unless I use shift+arrow so that they move at 10px increments. I don't like the automatic grid, but I have to use it. I prefer 100 pixels with 10 intersects. The auto grid is annoying. As far as I'm concerned it's a defect and I dont get why it can't be addressed. I also find the view modes a bit confusing but that might be me.
  4. jaztek

    Snapping blurred pixels

    I'll try and do a video, do you recommend a program? MEB - I increased the tolerance to 50, but it's the same, I need to zoom in and adjust it so it's not blurry. I know when photoshop and fireworks first integrated vectors they had the same problem, but then they fixed it in a later update so the vectors snapped automatically and weren't blurry. I don't get why no one else is having the same problem. I happens on my two macbooks and my imac so its not unique to my machine. It's the same when I draw a square. I have to zoom and snap it to a grid which is a real pain. I don't get why it can't do this automatically.
  5. Hi - One thing that still annoys me is the pixel snapping. Every time I draw a line or a shape the pixels always start slightly blurred! I have to zoom in with the grid and adjust it so it snaps to the grid. Is it not possible to snap by default?! Another big issue, is I don't always like the automatic grid, so I set one as 100px with 10 intersects so its every 10 pixels. That's great however when I use this grid I the lines I draw will snap to it but will remain blurred so I can't use the manual grid. I've attached a screenshot of my settings. Thanks in advance. Jared.
  6. Hi - I have this issue on two different Macs that I'm using. When I create a document say 500px x 500px and drag in a big photo and then resize it within the document the file sizes become massive like 100+ MB. Even if I then delete the images within the doc they remain massive. I'm not saving the history with the document either. Anyone else having this issue or know of a work around? Thanks - Jared.
  7. Hi - Just to follow up on this, it definitely works the way I described above. One thing I noticed is that when I'm in 'Pixel mode' the line appears blurry as opposed to when I'm in 'Vector mode' when it appears as one pixel. This is when I ZOOM in. Otherwise it looks blurred when at 100% in both modes. So I don't really get it. As long as I can sort it, which I've managed to do then it's ok. But it does seem a bit involved and I'm not sure if there's some kind of bug here? Are you able to point me towards a doc that explains the difference between Vector & Pixel modes? I don't see / understand the difference. Absolutely loving this program, I have pretty much switched from Fireworks after many years. So that's really saying something!! I've managed to convert some others too :-) Thanks for your help.
  8. If I'm not in pixel mode I can't move it so that it snaps to 1 pixel. However, EVERY time I draw a line I need to zoom in crazy and then move it so it snaps to 1 pixel. When I'm in Vector mode, if I zoom into the line it's actually 1 pixel, but when I zoom out it's not. If I switch to Pixel mode, I can see that it's blurred so I can snap it into place. I can't do that in Vector mode. I've done a range of tests in vector mode and I can't get it to snap to 1 pixel. You're right, I dont need to turn off the force alignment finally. It's still annoying that it can't just do it automatically. I shouldn't need to zoom right in every time. In fireworks, there was at least a snap option - I could hit alt-k or the like and it would snap into place. I really appreciate your help. This is the first time I'm designing a web site using the program, so I'm trying to get my head around all the options as I want to move away from Adobe.
  9. Hi - Thanks for the explanation. I had snap to grid on. I changed to pixel mode, I don't quite see what the difference between mode's is though and what the advantages are with each one. Is there a post about this on your site I can read? So by zooming right in I have managed to fix this. It's terribly long and somewhat complicated to figure this out though. I would've thought that with the snap to pixel and move by whole pixels checked that it would avoid this problem. For the moment when I want to draw a one pixel line I have to do the following; Make sure I'm in pixel mode Draw the line Turn off snap to pixel (I have to keep it on by default because every time I move another line it then becomes blurry) Zoom right in and move the line Turn on snap to pixel. Is there a better way? At least I can get it working, however one pixel lines are something I use a lot of. I guess I can copy and paste other ones within the doc. The other thing is on the left and right of the line, there is a slight fuzz of one pixel. It's only visible when i zoom in, however it's not 100% perfect. Am i missing something?
  10. OK that's done. Sorry I used my name, not nick - Jared. You can see the lines in the footer and also the separator line in the bottom right block above the footer.
  11. No worries - I'll uplaod it now. Appreciate the help!
  12. Hi - No luck unfortunately. For the lines - it's just not working at all. I have the automatic grid not a custom one. If I draw a box it's the same, but then I have to click on > stroke > align and then select one of these which fixes it. It's a work around, however even that is somewhat annoying. I'm not sure if its the way I'm drawing the line. I'm just using the pen tool. I click, hold shift and click again. When I zoom it isn't blurred though.
  13. Hi - I'm still having trouble with this. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. It's mainly with lines rather than boxes. Can you confirm the exact settings I need to put. It's a real problem despite how small it is, not being to just draw a 1 pixel line or box has a real impact on the design elements. Thanks, J.
  14. Hi - Right I understand. I just stumbled across it when trying to search prior to posting a forum post. I just tried doing some squares and they're working now, so it must be due to the pixel snapping and the alignment of the stroke. I would've though that the alignment shouldn't make a different as the actual box border should snap to a pixel with the border then just being displayed on either side of that border. For the lines, I still need to slightly nudge them, ideally it would be good if they snapped instantly.
  15. Hi - I'm trying to draw pixel perfect lines. I followed the video below http://www.miguelboto.com/temp/snapping.mp4 That works however I don't want to have to zoom every time and move it slightly plus for boxes it doesn't work. Is there something I'm missing here? I just need it to snap to the pixel automatically everytime. Thanks, J.

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