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  1. Patrick, by closing this topic as "by design" you are doing a great disservice to Affinity. I run a business and if my team had numerous complaints from customers I'd want them to elevate it until the issue was fixed. There are literally hundreds of posts here from confused and frustrated customers, many of whom are very respected in the design/photography arena. It is arrogant of Affinity to think their design nailed it and thus customers need to shut up and get on with life. The resize interface and workflow is non-intuitive, to put in kindly. It needs to be rethought. It is one of only a handful of functions in AP/AD where I feel like I have to start anew each time I use it, however, it is one I use nearly daily and thus my (and so many others') frustration.
  2. Yes, it happened in latest build,
  3. I have had very similar issues. Spent an hour building a very pretty table only to have it go haywire--as if it had a mind of its own. The last row grew beyond the document size and any attempts to reduce its height--either via mouse or entering number for height--only mad it grow larger. Had to quit and use Excel.