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  1. I have a similar problem A table created in numbers can be pasted into Word, but not into Affinity publisher The attached jpeg shows what happensOn the RHS is the result of pasting into Word On the left after pasting into publisher
  2. There is a fill colour for text that shows the last colour used. However if you want to apply that colour to some selected text, clicking the colour box does not apply it. Instead one has to go the the colour wheel, then switch to swatches, then choose the colour Just clicking the displayed colour would make it easy Having an option to go directly to swatch rather than wheel would also be good. Surely swatch rather than wheel would be a better default
  3. Philcinbath

    Page jumps around

    When I edit the whole page tends to jump around Just trying to position the cursor does this It's my major gripe All the other functions I want to use seem to have been sorted except for opening Indesign docs. This is the one problem that makes me want to try a different app(looking for an alternative to Indesign)
  4. Philcinbath

    Table problems in latest Beta of Publisher

    Definitely something is wrong All worked well and then I could not get back the table headers Quitting and restarting did not solve the issue Closing down the Mac and rebooting did I had gone about 7 days from the last reboot. Nothing else was showing a problem, and the MAC OS is so good its difficult to remember the last time I had to reboot to fix an app. I think it was about 6 months ago with Houdah spot. But its 3 times in 3 months with Publisher To me this is a bug I know about managing software projects, and it feels like a nasty one. Perhaps some sort of reset mechanism is needed. But now I know the fix, I am back using Publisher and getting to like it a lot Most missed is the ability to drag and drop text
  5. Philcinbath

    Table problems in latest Beta of Publisher

    Replying to mac-heibu No I installed an update, got tables working, powered off, and closed Publisher several times. Each time tables worked fine But after a gap and an update I came to try and use a table, and couldn't . Prompted by carl123 I posted the file, which was reported to have a working table So clearly, at least as clearly as software issues can be, it was a corruption in Publisher, not in the file Perhaps since moving back to a Mac I have become unaccustomed to modal behaviour signifying a glitch, the sort of thing that was endemic in Windows.
  6. Philcinbath

    Table problems in latest Beta of Publisher

    I did a reboot, and table headers now work Solved the problem. But I guess its actually best classified as a subtle bug Thanks to those who helped
  7. Philcinbath

    Table problems in latest Beta of Publisher

    As suggested by carl123 I attache the file below LY V2 JB.afpub
  8. Philcinbath

    Table problems in latest Beta of Publisher

    I wish it was that simple I know and experienced this sort of behaviour earlier, and I could get the headers to appear But no longer. And unless there is some very special way of "selecting with the table tool" it really does not work. IF Chris_K still thinks its because I do not know how to "Select with the table tool" it needs to be spelt out very precisely and correctly in the help file. (saying select is it seems wrong) In the meantime I have tried selecting the table in all the ways I can think of, but without success
  9. Philcinbath

    Table problems in latest Beta of Publisher

    I am known and all the table problems that seemed to be solved are back Basically tables are no longer editable. Picture below shows the problem. In green is the relevant extract from the help feature The table is selected, and the row and header cells are not there Clicking the table icon used to bring up the header cells. but no longer As some one who has used tables for longer than I care to remember I am having difficulty in understanding how this essential feature fails to work. to the extent that a table is not useable. And after the bug seemed to have been fixed I am also noticing that were it to work a column is always added before and not after. Choice is good. After is liveable. But why before?
  10. Philcinbath

    Table problems in latest Beta of Publisher

    More on Table problems using 1 I copied and pasted a table to another document. The table was correct, and I could bring up the outer frame. However it had the dividing lines completely out of kilter with the column and row lines. I.e. copying made the table unusable 2 And these seem to be persistent problems/features a) If a row is inserted, there are no options. Its always where you don't want it, above rather than below b) If you want to insert several rows the industry standard of inserting as many rows as are currently selected, does not work.
  11. Philcinbath

    Table problems in latest Beta of Publisher

    Latest Beta fixed the problem However if one uses about with 145 it says you have the latest version Serif should correct this bug
  12. Philcinbath

    Table problems in latest Beta of Publisher

    The table was created when I imported a pdf, as being the only way to use a file created in Indesign I have now tried a table created from scratch in a different file, and its OK But if I insert a table into the problem file its not OK. The black outer row and column (whatever they are called) have white dividers the are not aligned with the actual row and column lines Hopefully the attached file is the problem file If, as it looks its an import problem, it tends to indicate that importing a pdf is too crude to be of much use, putting pressure on being able to import a native in design file LY V5 0.93.afpub
  13. In the latest version of Publisher the tables on my mac are unusable The column and row controls are not showing the actual row and column positions, and I cannot adjust the column widths On the previous version I could. So the app is now unusable. So I will have to abandon Publisher until this bug is fixed Jpeg of a table with the problem is attached. It is the second attachment. The first was downloaded by mistake, but there is no obvious way of deleting it
  14. Philcinbath

    Table editing of column width fails

    Well it was wonderful For a few days I could get the header and row guides, to appear Now I cannot. Perhaps its a new bug caused by a new release? Big problem. I have tables I cannot adjust AND the add row gives no options for above or below. It insists on above, which is surely the worst option as the bottom line is often full of text I am using a Mac with latest OS and latest Publisher release i.e.
  15. Philcinbath

    Master pages

    Looks like my memory was not 100% Under menu/document there is a "view masters" option. That is what is greyed out. Not show master pages Same meaning, different words view masters