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  1. Hi. I am a an avid fan of buying extra stuff to go with the default effects in Designer. Wondered if anyone knew how to get hold of extra 3D Profile curves please. Have inserted photo to show what i mean. Thank you.
  2. Have bought Publisher from Affinity website. Have bought Designer & Photo from the Mac app store, How can I link them using Studiolink, please??? I am finding this so frustrating, I have opened all the apps up at the same time, for it to not even recognise that they were open. Is there any way i can get a reimbursement of my money from publisher, so I can then purchase it from the app store and hopefully get it to link up.
  3. Have recently downloaded Affinity Publisher onto my desktop. I already have Photo & Designer, but I cannot seem to link them all together, may you give me some advice on what to do, please.
  4. Can someone tell me when the upgrade of photo is going to be available for Mac please. Thank you.
  5. Have had Affinity Photo for a couple of years now and absolutely love it , but i do have one question?? I am always being sent freebies of Adobe lightroom presets , but Affinity photo will not accept them , is there anyway i could change there format so they are accepted or is there a way that i can get Affinity to accept them please? I feel it is such a waste , as i will never get Adobe lightroom as i am quite satisfied with what i can get out of AP. I am running AP on iMac. Thank you in Advance. Ray
  6. Hi. Is there going to be a day when Affinity design will support ASL files please. I am doing my best to move all my graphic work over to AD , but i am being held back by the lack of support for ASL styles. I love Affinity and i will be staying with you for many years to come , i can see this . You certainly give Adobe a run for its money.
  7. Hi Ya. Have had Affinity Designer for over a year now. Went to use it yesterday , and when i opened a new document , i tried to use some of the tools and nothing was responding. Ended up closing the app , and then uninstalling it , and then downloaded it again from the app store , where all my purchased apps are kept. I still could not get any response from the tools. It was a shame cos i wanted to use it instead on my version of Photoshop CS6. I even went to use one of your tutorials as a reference to make sure i was using it right , but to no avail. Thank you in advance.
  8. With photoshop you could move one image and put it onto another image , so you could addd things to a photo. Can someone tell me please , how you do that with Infinity please. Thank you.
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