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  1. The betas are expiring regularly, but there has been no issue that I've seen opening files again in a later version of it.

    There was an issue trying to use some of the files with afphoto and afdesigner, but that was because they are still on v1.6 not 1.7. However, the betas of 1.7 on those just became available so that may have been addressed.

    I've used the earlier 2 apps happily for a couple of years and the version changes haven't stopped anything opening.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Loquos said:

    I think Publisher's big thing is in the multipage layout - I would not want to do massive 30+ page layouts in Designer! Publisher in this respect is like Designer on steroids.

    This is the one - Designer is great for single page elements, but I wouldn't use it multipage. You can use Word or Pages for multi-page books but I've always found them far less effective than DTP packages especially when they get multiple elements or you're trying to hit a POD printshop's publishing specifications. So far, Publisher looks like it's ticking all those boxes for me.

  3. The ability to tag text elements and generate an index (automatically like the Table of Contents) is one thing I would use in larger projects.

    Likewise, the ability to build cross references that automatically update the page number (to avoid 'see page XX' errors) is something else that I use regularly, but indexing is a higher priority.

    This looks really good and I'm looking forward to trying it out properly.

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