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    richardmtl got a reaction from Beverlytulk in Basic use fo the Fill tool   
    Hi! I realize this likely seems like a very basic question, but I can't seem to solve it. I want to use the fill tool to fill in several objects with white, that are currently black. Here's the flow I would expect:
    1) Select Fill tool
    2) Select the color I want to fill in the objects (actually, I'd look for an eye dropper tool but I haven't seen one, but since all I want is pure white, the eye-dropper isn't important at the moment)
    3) Click on the object I want to make white
    4) See the object change to white
    Instead, what seems to be happening is, at step 3, the White that I had configured changes to Black (the color of the object), so I need to repeat step 2 again. I have many objects to fill, so the extra clicks are somewhat annoying.
    What am I missing here? :)
    Bonus: Is there an eye-dropper-type tool?