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  1. I'm sorry I had to do it, I just put down affinity photo. It was with deep regret that I had to delete my favourite app from my computer. I suppose I should have held a service but I had no time for reminiscence, from start-up I have never had any problems with affinity photo. But just a few taps on the keyboard with the request for Apple to send a new app, which only took just a few moments to download. The problem was I had a few works in progress but now I have a fresh clean affinity photo to work with. The point of this topic was the complete ease of re-installing such a great sophisticated software in such a short time. (you could never do it with PS)
  2. Hi RC-R, your Gif belies your eyesight, either way you are one smart cookie, if you don't mind me saying so. I press the U key and hey presto! The blue and red Lines appeared when I hovered over the corner. I can now get on the rest of the tutorial, (thanks to you), hopefully without any more glitches. I've spent too much time with PS.
  3. Further to my previous input, closely examining the video, I noticed that when the pointer was on the magnet, then started to move across the document, the context menu bar changed and differed from my menu bar, which made no change. Also no tools were indicated except the pointer to changed to a cross on the video!
  4. Thank you RC-R, I had not tried the rectangular tool, I see the new context menu bar as in the video, and double checked the snapping manager checkboxes as suggested by MEB (thanks for your response) but again no red and green guidelines. The quality of the download for this tutorial was not that clear for me and I still cannot see other alternatives.
  5. Thanks for the reply RC-R. However I do have those items checked and the little magnet switched on. The video was clear and precise but I cannot get over the first hurdle. I did notice that when I had the new document displayed, the menubar I have differed from the video. Remember at this time I have no layers. If you have an opportunity, check out the video. Regards Brian
  6. Hi David, only recently I had need first of all convert a very small photo to a sketch, then add a border. The sketch was converted usingTopaz, placed it in AP, selected all, then using the marquee selection tool to inset to approximately 5 cm. Made the first colour with the paint brush.I then de-selected. After which I added the final border edge, approximately 15 cm. I changed the colour slightly, but this time I reduced the opacity 80percent to allow the previous border to show through. The borders I only approximated, just for me to see the effect. I will play around further to see what AP can do with effects. One thing more, I tried to follow Allan tutorial but only got as far as the document. I could not get the green and red Lines showing when Hovered over the corner. I would like to progress right through the tutorial. Is he could let me know what I'm doing wrong I would appreciate it. Brian
  7. Any suggestions to convert a photo to a painted image. I know various methods in PS but I am here now with Ap, I seem to recollect something before within the confines of this software but my memory has failed me. Can any Forum members help out. Thank you in advance Brian
  8. Thank you P, for helping me in narrowing my search, it sorted most of my problems, Brian
  9. As suggested by Mbd, a mere detail in the overall concept of such an advanced Photo software. To consider going back to mummy it is not worth considering, Brian
  10. I have been engrossed for the last three months finalising three albums thanks to Affinity, and it is only now that I am starting on the day by day prints. I noticed in one of the tutorials a reference to a composite of cropping which I cannot locate, if you could give me an indication on this I would appreciate it. In the crop scenario, I am used to having the DPI to select. With an absolute specific dimension, how do I maintain the ratio for a 300dpi print. I must admit it is so easy contact the forum for help. Brian
  11. Thank you very much J for your prompt response, for some reason or another I remembered about the PNG file, but at my age I have too much in my head most of it of little use. It worked a treat after sorting out the size issue. The forum has great value to Affinity and to the people that uses its software. A great service. Kind regards Brian
  12. I have recently had need to retain an image and exclude the background .For example my selected image has a transparent background. I need this image as a logo to be imposed in an album, but when exported it retains a white background, how can I eliminate this. Brian
  13. Hi Paul, thank you for requesting Photos for a showcase, however I will be too critical of my Photos after competing in major competitions, that is why now I am happy to have Affinity, which allows me at my age (and equipment) to develop at my own pace, just like an old bull in a field of cattle, just enjoying myself, good luck to you, I would love to shoot up there in Auckland, kind regards Brian
  14. At some stage I was going to comment on how weak shadows/ highlights where with photo persona. I found no use for them in developing photos. Shadows where weak, and highlights did not operate hardly at all, however in raw files the difference was significant, and extremely practicable. Any reason for this, are you still trying to develop it more in Photo. At this time if I have a JPEG image that requires S/H, I change it to develop change it there. Has anyone else considered this.
  15. Sorry J, but you have the cart before the horse. If you use this method you cannot see the high pass filter. Surely the high pass filter has to be applied before overlay modes, otherwise you cannot see the degree of sharpening. Either way, I I Have tried it now two or three times and it's working perfectly I can manage and flatten, no problem. It must have been a glitch. But thank you for your response, Brian
  16. Within 4.1, using the high pass filter on a duplicate layer, everything works fine until I try to merge,or flatten the image, then the image, instead of applying reverts to my highpass image. It did not happen before the upgrade, am I missing something. I like to use the highpass in most cases where possible, it has a more subtle effect.
  17. Thank you Andy, you gave me direction towards my TV. Snag was I had so many boxes on my TV, but I had the original remote and set the screen who suit the tutorials. Now everything is hunky-dory, thanks again Brian
  18. Problem is, I do not see an adjustment icon on the bottom of the layers panel. I could recover the adjustments that I had been using within that layer. AF 1.4
  19. A photo of the ATV screen viewing of tutorials.
  20. I have recently purchased Affinity designer alongside Affinity photo. My problem is screen viewing tutorials, I cannot see the left side, or menubar. With a Photo it is no problem because I am constantly working with the software. However Designer I have no knowledge at all of it and if I could see the full window it will be appreciated. Is there any way I can reduce the windows size of the tutorial images or do I have a TV issue.
  21. In photo persona, the Application view options I find distracting, I never use these options and use the sliders instead. When tools are selected these window views are opened automatically, can they be switched off or not generated?
  22. I have no problem with this issue, I have a 27 inch Mac and any processes is instantaneous. Clarity is perfect
  23. Thanks Affinity I have downloaded test flight, a simple procedure however it does require Apple TV4. Was it worth it. Certainly yes!I now at handIon a 52 inch TV screen, ALL of affinity tutorials, to sit down at my leisure and watch in detali superior photograph manipulation. In a short short space of time a company has developed a product, in my mind is superior to photoshop. The reason being the rate of development, interaction with the consumer i.e.. photographers or anyone else with a camera to produce a viable software with such high quality. I have used photoshop extensively as a professional, and no tutorial were ever offered except at a high Price from third parties. I spent extensively on these tutorials and now I have them for free for a superior software, I have deleted all of my Photoshop files and tutorials.
  24. Hi Andy, I have just sent you an email and would be very interested to help out in any way for such a fine product
  25. I'm 79, I am lucky, Lucky that affinity has been developed now, I have been with photoshop since year dot. And in my latter years it has forgotten us all. But then a miracle happened called AFFINITY who brought back everything into perspective. I am retired engineer, professional photographer, retired- but now I have Affinity. I have recently seen the update 4.1 and what it offers, developers & photographers are extremely lucky to be able to come into contact with such a skilled and effective group. I have only been a member of affinity for two months and yet when I saw the update I realised how lucky I was to have such a fantastic software. You do not have to have hi Photoshop skills, here developers and forums Will help you all the way. I was fortunate to have a holiday a month ago in Singapore, having sold all of my hi end Canon equipment but purchasing a simple Canon SX50, I returned with over 2000 shots, but now with the help of affinity I am able to realise my return to Singapore from over 40 years ago. I cannot thank affinity enough
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