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  1. Hello, i try to apply the image i am working on to a mask. In PS i do it straight forward, create the new layer (with a mask) - select it and use Image > Apply Image ... I fail to do the same in AP ... would be nice to get a tip. BR and thank you Sascha
  2. Hi, I run into performance issues with AP ... but i hear so many are very happy with AP concerning performance. I read more in the forum, and the only time I saw comparable performance comments as i experience, was when people used large displays. As my hardware is powerful enough and other programs do not suffer from bad performance. So i thought i ask for feedback from you, my question would be: What monitor and resolution do you have, and how is your performance? My two answers would be: Dell 32 inch 4k; bad performance Macbook Retina; ok performance I would be thank
  3. i have exactly the same issue ... i compare identical files in Affinity and PS6 i have this slow performance (you see the picture being rendered in blocks) in affinity and near instant in PS6 files are normal size, layers are not many and there is no reason for this ... very frustrating 5200 by 3600 pixel --- 16bit - adobe rgb - 8 simple adjustment layers size of the image 130MB when change to 8bit - slight improvement i reported tis before - no improvement so far ... AP and OS is latest release
  4. Hi, i run it on a Mac Pro (last one) and i see a significant lower performance than PS on comparable or same files. I never got an answer from Affinity during Beta ... i am a bit frustrated. Sascha
  5. Hi, the masking is somehow version 0.9 :-) I would love to (and need to replace PS) some more pimping here Binary masking (on-off) needs to be changed to more smooth transitions (GreyMask) Allow to feather the borders Allow to invert the mask (could not figure it out) I would also like to see (if possible and i did not get it - i am sorry): allow to include the adjustment details (where you perform the adjustments in the Studio (right pane) generate a pixel layer with one click that snapshots the current version some more will come with more testing ... but i am very convinced and ver
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