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  1. Thank you for that advice. I do have a PDF version of the same brochure but that seemed harder to edit than the IDML, at least with texts. Obviously, I am not proficient in this but learning.
  2. I had a brochure created a number of years ago where the person isn't doing it anymore. At the time they gave me an IDML file. It imports into Publisher 1.9.2 on my iMac. Sometimes it crashes but I have been able to make it work. My problem that I think I may run into when printing is that out of the 5 total pages the 3 middle pages are basically 2 page spreads. However, they are only being shown as one large page (approx 11 x 17). I have done some searches and I read about facing pages and spread setups. However, I can't seem how to figure out to turn my single large page spread to two pages so I can single page export. Basically I wish I could insert a center line or "page break" in the middle of the large spread. So instead of this [__] I want to change it to this [_|_]. Make sense? Any advice?
  3. That did the trick. Odd...I know in the past the App Store updated my Affinity builds. Thanks.
  4. I'm not seeing the updates. Starting the programs does not force an update and the App Store says all my apps are up-to-date. Even after a force reload page. All apps are still 1.7.3. Do I have to be on Catalina?
  5. I understand that is how it's supposed to work and has worked for me many times in the past with AP. However, from my original post, it just said Open under my purchases. MEB's suggestion worked but I had to reboot the machine too.
  6. This resolved my problem. I had to do all three steps including rebooting the machine. Even more updates showed up for me after doing this. Thank you.
  7. I have read the other posts regarding this but none of the suggestions have worked for me. The update to 1.5 just doesn't show up. I have 1.4.3 installed on my Mac. I have done other updates without problem. 1.5 does not show up as an update. I have signed out and in on the app store with no success. I have rebooted my machine. No success. Under the purchased tab "my purchases" it shows Affinity Photo and only has an "Open" option. I just updated to Safari 10.0.2 yesterday so I know the update area works. I am on OS 10.11.6 What am I doing wrong?
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