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  1. It would be great to output bleeds to formats other than pdf, like tiff. And bleed size per artboard please. A great time saver.
  2. Hi, When working with masked shapes some strange effect shows and exports. Looks like masking overflows at edges of the shape. Elements inside have gradient strokes. Anyone knows the solution to this? Yosemitee on latest version from app store. 5.afdesign
  3. Thanks for hint. It didn't work until I'v removed lines from the group and then delete the empty group itself. Surprisingly other lines pressure works without setting variance in properties. Nice piece of software but when I'm trying to do some graphics with - it is buggy. I keep running into problems so can't focus on actual work. Now for example all of the sudden I can't select layers in layer panel :-(.
  4. Hi, In my drawing at some point curves stopped responding to pressure. Curves drawn earlier do change but drawn later and newly drawn don't. Restarting doesn't help. Resetting pressure for group or individual curves doesn't help. Only new drawing works but the thing is it has some jaggy effects. Retail version on Yosemite, imac 27" 2009. BR
  5. Yep, followed your steps, same result. Screen attached. The key is multiple lines selected
  6. Hi, Thanks for quick reply and the hint on not using gradient tool to edit stroke. Use fill was unchecked yet open paths were getting filled. I think it is a bit misleading especially when the context says line.
  7. Hi, Seems like a bug. When I select group of curves or multiple curves and try to edit gradient or color (I select gradient tool and line context) lines get filled instead. Sample screen attached. I'm on Yosemite MBP 2009. BR

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