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  1. Psenda, thank you so much. That fixed it perfectly. I so appreciate that people take the time to help!!
  2. Thanks Walt. I wish I could say that worked. I even tried quitting AP after the studio reset but to no effect.
  3. I've just made the move from Photoshop to Affinity and have had some odd difficulties. One was just resolved thanks to this forum and a new one has popped up. I'm learning to work with raw photos and in develop persona the basic panel is stuck in the middle of the window. When I open a new file to develop that's where the panel is and cannot be moved. Any clues?
  4. Hi Stokerg, Thank you so much for the quick reply. After this occurring repeatedly it has suddenly stopped! I'm baffled. I tried to replicate my problem, trying two different ways to get photos from Apple Photo into Affinity by: dragging and dropping from Apple Photo to Affinity and by exporting. I exported both RAW and regular. All is well and I have no clue why that was happening. It feels weird to be using something other than Photoshop after over 20 years but the subscription service is no way to treat long time users. Cheers to Affinity. And my thanks to you Stokerg! I'm pretty sure I'll be back with more questions.
  5. Hi, I'm new to Affinity. When I open a photo it doesn't open in the original size, it opens smaller. For example, a photo from Apple Photos at 5.7MB 4912x3264 pixels automatically becomes 1087x723 pixels 595.43KB. Yet I had made no changes to the size. Thanking you in advance for your help.