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  1. No artifacts at all with hardware acceleration turned on! It looks like the issue has been resolved. Beta is running smoothly. Thank you!
  2. With the .2371 Beta update, the artifacts/lines still exist with Hardware Acceleration turned on. With Hardware Acceleration deselected, the red and green artifacts are gone.
  3. On the unedited RAW, you will not see any. When processing a RAW in Affinity with Hardware Acceleration on, the lines, green or red, are an issue. At least in my case, it is an issue. I can turn off Hardware Acceleration and the problem goes away, so it's not unworkable. I'm simply trying to help the folks at Affinity with their software.
  4. Here is the unedited RAW straight out of the camera. Sony a7RII. DSC03894.ARW
  5. A red tint is scattered throughout the photo and a little bit of green. There is no red on the dam. I am attaching two snips where I zoomed in on the photo in my first post.
  6. The green lines or artifacts that filled the RAW images in the earlier release are now red in Beta! The lines do not fill the screen in the Beta, but are present and are red instead of green. I did not turn off Hardware Acceleration for my test photo. The red lines are present in the exported jpg, which is attached. Deselecting Hardware Acceleration, restarting, and opening the RAW removes the red lines or artifacts. The situation is better, but not fixed. Thank you!
  7. I have the same issue. Turning off HW Acceleration has removed the green lines. I will attach my RAW and the graphics info.DSC03839.ARWDSC03839.ARW
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