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  1. i deleted the ressources with lab and it works. Thanks for the hint. But why the export of lab fails?
  2. Where did you find the LAB colour space? In the original all colours are cmyk or pantone. I used PDF for Print, PDX x-3. In these settings just the default values.
  3. It can be exported to png. Other formats i did not try.
  4. On MacOS 10.14.6, Publisher 1.7.3, i get an error message. See the attached screenshot. I just copy / pasted affinity designer files into publisher. There had been no other error messages. This message appears, the program should save the file to the Download location. It is just with this file. Simple files can be exported. I can upload the original file to a secure dropbox account Error.pdf
  5. Hi Sean, i restarted the Mac, Updated all Apps. Now the export is working. Maybe it is related to a OS-Hickup. I will open a new thread, when the problem persists.
  6. I uploaded the MyriadPro fonts. With these fonts you got an example of the garbled text. With the Frutiger Fonts i am not sure. I did not get any message of a sucessfull upload.
  7. I do not use another font manager. The fonts are installed in /Library/fonts Fonts will be sent to a secure link, when provided. MikeW has a point not to send illigally any foreign property. I guess these are standard fonts, but never the less. Please provide a secure solution
  8. Affinity Designer 1.7.2, Macos 10.13.6. I use a font called Myriad Pro, but it is not only related to this font. Frutiger does not work as well. If i export to pdf, the texts with the problematic font contains garbled text. See the attached files. On exported with pages, one with Designer. Ohne Titel_Designer.pdf Ohne Titel_Pages.pdf
  9. Publisher 1.7.2, MacOS 10.13.06 Every Time i want to print, Publisher is crashing there is even no print dialog. It is a document with inplaced affinity designer files 8.3mb in filesize. There are only 7 placed files. They come from a network share. Logfile_Affinity-Crash.txt
  10. Maybe you get the post wrong? I thought it is a forum to discuss features, that are missing and to check which could be implemented in the future. As it is a beta and is not for sale i never thought that it will have all the features that Indesign has. It is a hint for the developers, what some future clients think is missing. Your argument seems to me like "Its not bug, its a feature". But maybe better close this thread. " The title of this forum is "Discussions and Suggestions". This was a suggestion. If suggestions are not welcome, never mind.
  11. Of course this is possible. But of which millenium this technik is? It is just a workaround in the worst possible way
  12. If you have a document with hundreds of pages you do not want to do that
  13. Maybe i did something wrong, but if i place a pdf, just the first page of a multi-page-pdf is inserted. There are no options, how to handle the other pages
  14. Open an empty document Create only a komplex master (Header / Footer) Save the document. Open a PDF File with many pages in Publisher How to get the First document (only the master) into the second document Hope this is specific enough?
  15. 1. Komplex Content of a Master page 2. Import for multi-page pdf 3. Merging the komplex master page with the multi-page pdf. At the moment, it is possible to place the first page of a multi-page pdf in a document with a komplex master page. But if you open a multi-page pdf, the master page is empty. To apply a complex master, saved as a separate file is not possible. There could be different solutions to the problem. Indesign has a plugin for that. Not ideal, but it works. Maybe there could be a solution for this problem as well?
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