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  1. Maybe you get the post wrong? I thought it is a forum to discuss features, that are missing and to check which could be implemented in the future. As it is a beta and is not for sale i never thought that it will have all the features that Indesign has. It is a hint for the developers, what some future clients think is missing. Your argument seems to me like "Its not bug, its a feature". But maybe better close this thread. " The title of this forum is "Discussions and Suggestions". This was a suggestion. If suggestions are not welcome, never mind.
  2. Of course this is possible. But of which millenium this technik is? It is just a workaround in the worst possible way
  3. Maybe i did something wrong, but if i place a pdf, just the first page of a multi-page-pdf is inserted. There are no options, how to handle the other pages
  4. Open an empty document Create only a komplex master (Header / Footer) Save the document. Open a PDF File with many pages in Publisher How to get the First document (only the master) into the second document Hope this is specific enough?
  5. 1. Komplex Content of a Master page 2. Import for multi-page pdf 3. Merging the komplex master page with the multi-page pdf. At the moment, it is possible to place the first page of a multi-page pdf in a document with a komplex master page. But if you open a multi-page pdf, the master page is empty. To apply a complex master, saved as a separate file is not possible. There could be different solutions to the problem. Indesign has a plugin for that. Not ideal, but it works. Maybe there could be a solution for this problem as well?
  6. Nothing unusual, that makes the system unstable or behaving weird. Affinity Designer and Photo (Stables) are installed. At the time of the crash there are not open. I just experimented with some features. So therefore the reason of the crash is unknown. But in 20 minutes of experimenting 2-3 crashes. Btw, I never did save the work.
  7. Mac OS 10.13.6 Publisher Beta 1.7.057 Publisher Crashes after a few operations. The operations always are different. The crashes do not follow any scheme. The Crash is not relatable. But crashes are frequent and in various situations. See a sample crash report. Crash_Dump.txt
  8. To Dave Harris: Allow advanced features is already off, otherwise Corel does not open the file with an error message: file corrupt. I will test your hypothesis "It looks like Corel Draw doesn't support PDF embedded fonts." If Corel to Corel can read embedded fonts, maybe it is a platform or PDF-Format issue. To Alfred: dfont, ttc (Truetype-Container), and FontSuitcase (The type Mac OS X tells it like that) can not be imported into windows. They have to be converted first to ttf or otf. Therefor the separate test-cases. ​But even ttf and otf are not used and recognised, although they can be installed easily on windows.
  9. Attached you will find an example pdf file with different font types embedded. In CorelDraw X4 none of the fonts will be recognised. For this example i choose fonts, that are not installed on the windows machine. The PDF is 1.4 (Acrobat5) compatible. It is the only pdf-type that works in CorelDraw X4 to X6. See the attached Screenshots from CorelDraw. Even when i choose import as Curves, the font import - Dialog appears. Replacing the fonts is of course unusable. Font_Example.pdf
  10. A principle question about embedded fonts: If i choose the option in the export dialog "embed all fonts", i expect when i open the pdf file in a program like CorelDraw, that there does not come up a font substation dialog because of missing fonts. What is going wrong? I chose Compatibility PDF 1.4 (Acrobat 5). All other PDF - Versions do not open up in Corel. If you need further details, feel free to ask. Any hints?
  11. Hi Jack, unfortunately it seems a flaw in the new export engine of the beta version of Designer. I tried Corel X7, same error as in X4 and X6. Also Adobe Illustrator CS4 has rendering problems with the new pdf. Only the stable pdf export (old engine) works well in Illustrator / CorelDraw. Also the layers are not preserved in Illustrator CS4. Some PDF-Readers (Nitro-Reader, Apple Preview) render the pdf from the new engine correctly. Data-Exchange is a mayor usability feature, so hopefully this will be corrected soon. Andreas (P.S. I post this i the bug section of the forum as well)
  12. PostScriptum: I tried svg. Unfortunately the file is not rendered correctly by Coreldraw. The Layers are preserved, but the file is unusable. Both export functions of Affinity Designer 1.3.5 and have the same problem.
  13. All Layers i use are nested into sublayers. I want to open the exported PDF file in CorelDraw. I know, PDF1.7 and 1.6 preserve layers. But these formats crash in Corel (A Bug-Report is opened). Which export function (also in Beta-Versions) preserve the nested layer structure also for CorelDraw? I need also the edit ability preserved. Any hints. At best in the stable version of affinity designer are welcome. Best regards Andreas
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