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  1. Thanks you so much for your work. I think there's at least one problem with it and correct me if I'm wrong. While there are different header formats on Youtube you can only upload one file which needs to fit all. Actually the only thing to use there is the TV Format and it could probably use some guide lines to show where there other formats are placed within this big file. This could probably be an idea for a next version.
  2. So as nearly a year is gone since this thread was started - any changes on this topic?
  3. Oh yeah that looks like it does the job. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Affinity Designer. simple example: Circle with a vector line inside. This line has a stroke width of something like let's say 8px. Is there any chance to either create one shape with booleans and cutout that line from the circle below or negative mask that circle so it effectively has a cutout? I know I could draw the "shape" of the line with a closed vector loop and that would work but in my special (and more complex) examples this would be a nightmare. So summed up the question is: can you create a cut out based on a line and it's thickness instead of recreating the shape of the line with another outline? Thanks, Frank
  5. Hey there, my design is 150x50mm in size and i'm trying to print multiple copies of it nested over a DIN A4 paper (297x210mm) with crop marks. Is there any easy way to do it? I can add crop marks in the print dialog but that doesn't seem to be able to layout multiple copies without doing something stupid. Thanks for your help
  6. Hmm ok, i'm proceeding. Having drawn quite some triangles each single one in it's own layer i still have trouble getting the filter thing right. The filter seems to only apply to the border or fill i add to my vector. Instead i would have it to get it from the picture on the layer below. Do i probably have to convert it to a selection? wouldn't be that great as a i think the vector flexibility is lost then but maybe the only way?
  7. Me once again - tried that but still have some question. When working with Affinity Photo i can only create Pixel layers, right? Might it be a good idea to use Affinity Designer again on this? Also the filter section doesn't have any possibility to do an average blur on the layer below, right? At least didn't find that. EDIT: saw your last post only after sending mine, sorry. I do have snapping on already. just failing on the vector creation until now - only get antialised pixel triangles. Also: what is the shortcut for a new layer? Is there something similar to actions in photoshop? Something like a macro system?
  8. Great support, thanks for that quick help, MEB - you might have guessed i'm new to the party. Will try that out.
  9. ok. I've been wanting to do low poly art pictures based on photos and well... triangles are somehow key to that. Any idea how a different approach could look like? Is there any way to convert vector shapes to selections? This way i could draw vectors first and convert them later to be able to do an average blur on them. Thanks for helping anyway. Is there some kind of a roadmap where we can see what to expect in the next release(s)?
  10. Hi, i wonder if there's a polygon selection tool that i just can't find? I know that the Lasso tool works kind of similar when holding the shift key down but it isn't really similar to the polygon selector in Photoshop for two reasons: 1. It doesn't stop selecting when the loop is closed (basically because it is closed from the beginning as it is a lasso) 2. It snap each pixel to the grid if grid snapping is on instead of just snapping the ends and draw straight lines in between. Any idea how i can work around this? Thanks!

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