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  1. Since downloading AP 1.7.0 I am getting terrible colour with Fuji RAF RAW files. If I convert to TIFF format and then load the files into AP 1.7.0, all is well. I am using a late 2014 iMac running under OS High Sierra and the files are from a Fuji X-T3. All software is latest version.
  2. terryh

    Affinity Photo for MacOS - 1.7.0

    Just downloaded AP 1.7.0 and I am getting terrible colour problems with Fuji RAF RAW files. If I convert them to TIFFs before loading them into AP 1.7.0 they are fine. I am using late 2014 iMac running under High Sierra.
  3. I started using Affinity just after it was launched (post-Beta) but gave it up because it had real problems creating an accurate colour profile for a second monitor. I use an iMac for most computing but an Eizo CG247 monitor for all photography work. Sadly the colour on the Eizo was awful - very over-saturated - and so I abandoned Affinity. Have just tried it again and - boom! - the problem is solved. Colour now looks great - very accurate - on the Eizo. Took a long time but you go there and I'm very happily now back with Affinity.
  4. As the person who started this thread over 1 year ago I am disappointed to discover that AP has still not addressed this problem of colour managment for a second monitor. Sorry, guys and gals, but this is a terminal problem for me and will mean that I shall now uninstall AP and tell my colleagues in Cambridge Camera Club that it is not worth bothering with. A pity because it was functionally quite good and had real potential but for me it's now back full-time to LR and PS with Nik plug-ins. Terry H
  5. For many years I have used both Lightroom and Photoshop for the majority of my photo processing and printing. The only plugins that I use with these are the NIK Collection ones from Google. With the help of the excellent video posted on YouTube by Chris P Williams I have managed to load the NIK Collection into Affinity Photo. However, only two of the Collection actually work - ColorEfex and SilverEfex. I have contacted Google and they say that they do not support Affinity Photo but, if enough people ask for it, they will look into doing so. So...please everybody pester Google and Serif please also look at this one. Affinity Photo seems to be really good software and I could easily imagine using it regularly and recommending it to people but this problem (and a colour management issue I have mentioned in a separate post) will, I am afraid, limit its appeal for me. Best Terry H
  6. I have just bought and downloaded Affinity Photo. My computer is a 27" 4k Apple iMac running on OS X Yosemite (fully up to date) but I do most of my photographic work on a second monitor attached to my iMac - an Eizo CG247 which I have colour calibrated using its own internal Colorimeter. Everything is fine in Affinity Photo when I use the iMac but as soon as I switch to the Eizo the colour goes very wrong - supersaturated. It appears that AP is not recognising the profile for the Eizo. Calling up the correct profile and applying it via the options under the DOCUMENTS menu makes no difference and nor does setting this profile in PREFERENCES. Can you help? Great Software but, for me, seriously flawed, if I cannot use it on the Eizo. Thank you Terry H.

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