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  1. Hi Dan, No worries, I do indeed use the Apple Pencil alongside the keyboard. Cheers, Derek
  2. More on this issue can be found on the bug section here:
  3. When I get a keyboard like this, the problem occurs. I have no idea what the difference is between the option above and this keyboard, but the keyboard used below seems to create the crashes.
  4. Some more testing: it seems when I use the iPadOS (?) keyboard it seems to work fine! No crashes… IMG_0983.MOV
  5. I did some testing and it seems only to occur on editing linked textframes. Files without linked textframes seem to work fine.
  6. Publisher 2 constantly crashes after the update to iPadOS 16.2. I am trying to correct text in linked textframes, after two or three actions it crashes and closes the app. Making the app unworkable for me. ipadOS 16.2 Publisher
  7. Publisher 2 was running perfectly before the update, after the update it’s unworkable. It crashes after just a few actions. Are there more people with this problem? Any tips? I can’t get any work done now…
  8. Thank you so much for your reply! I did check those settings, but thanks to you I found the problem. I apparently have set a text-style (experimented with those a bit) and that caused the borders and background. strangely enough it was set to ‘no style’. But when clicked on it, it did have a style attached to it. Just selected “no style” again and that solved the issue…
  9. When I add a frame text, I get a gray frame with black borders behind it. See attached screenshot. I cannot seem to get rid of this, anyone know why this occurs and how to get rid of it? thanks!
  10. Thank you so much Walt! Too bad it doesn’t work for textfiles, would be a great feature.
  11. How do I update placed text (from a textfile) in Publisher for iPad? Or any other linked file for that matter? I believe the desktop version had an option to update automatically when a file is changed in the preferences, but I couldn’t find it on my iPad. Cheers, Derek
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